Starting Wednesday, going to Tesco tonight...


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Hi everyone. I am starting SW this week, my first class is Wednesday evening.

I did WW in the past and lost a lot so I know it works, but their new pro points plan is too confusing & their online tracker has too many errors so I am now going to give SW a go.

I am going to order my grocery shop and wanted to ask if any of the things I would normally eat are free or low in syns before I get them:

crumpets & philly extra light
alpen light bars
oatso simple blueberry pooridge made w/ water instead of milk with chopped banana

whole can of baxters healthy soup
any of the booths shapers sandwiches
any of the subway lowfat sandwiches

grilled chicken or fish with lots of veggies and either ainsely harriot cous cous or batchelors flavoured rice

babybel light cheeses, twiglets, olives, muller lights

Any other things I should get? I ordered stuff for the spag bol recipe, some fromage frais, fry light and lots of fruit and veggies. I really hope this works, I dont want spring time to come around again and be wishing I had started in January!!

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Have you ever done SW before?

If not may I suggest you take a look at the sticky tabs explaing about each plan as looking at your planned menu for now you'll not be following any of them.

SW have 3 plans - you can do any of them on any day, you can mix your days up as you wish, but you must stick to each plan each day.

Parts of your menu would fit but others the mix of food is wrong to fit into any of the plans.

Don't want to confuse you anymore than I may have done. It can take a couple of weeks to get your head around, I guess it maybe harder if your used to following an alternative plan too.

Good luck - I am sure once your sorted you will love the plan ! :)

Forgot to say - your consultant will go through everything in detail with you at your first meeting too, so don't worry to much about anything & you can always look on here for loads of info :)


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I am going to shop Wednesday night online after group. I still have weight watchers points version foods at home so will just start properly after Wednesday weigh in.

This looks so much easier than propoints on WW. I was reading peoples food diaries & a lot of the stuff I learned to like while doing WW are either really low syn or free so I think I will be ok.

Do you have better losses on red days?
i tried ww in the past and it reminded me of my most hated subject in school lol i actually find sw alot easier tho i didnt lose alot doing it but thats was purely because im the biggest cheat.... this time i'm being a good girl tho... good luck on wed xoxo


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i personally do extra easy as it is just that! Your consultant will explain it all to you and you will get a pack with some ideas in too. Take £1.95 with you and you'll be able to get a magazine if the consultant has any left which has a 7 day planner in and also loads of extra recipes, and unlike ww, sw cookbooks are sold for specific things eg 100 original free meals etc and are under a fiver. They do the bigger ones too but the smaller ones are great