Starting Weight Watchers Pro Points Diet!!


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Hi everyone
I'm starting the weightwatchers pro points diet tomorrow
I want to lose 3 stone as I am over weight and extremely unhappy.
I was just wondering if anyone had any kind words of advice and motivation?
I've tried dieting for years with no luck
I really want to turn my life around
Thank you for reading people :)
Lots of love and wishes
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Plan what you're going to eat, track what you eat, try to spend 30mins a day earning activity points. When it gets hard remind yourself what you are doing and why you are doing it........all easier said than done of course but I'm the same, started at Chrstmas with 3 stone to go and have lost 19lbs so almost halfway..........good luck


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Track everything! Really helps you to stay in control xxx Good luck :)


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i agree, track everything. always log on here when u can, always gives u motivation to carry on in the crap times. dont throw a full week away if you just have one bad day, always get back on a continue. good luck xx


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Good luck! As everyone's said, track everything you eat and it makes it easier to see where you can cut back on certain foods or swap them for healthier things.

If you want to do it then you WILL lose weight, it just takes a lot of motivation but we're all behind you :)


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Hi and good luck

I agree what everyone has said but my words of advice are watch out for multiples! By that I mean that an item might have a pp value of 1 but 2 of them might be 3pp. If you are not using esource or an app it is so easy to caught out.

Elaine x

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Hi and welcome from me as well.

I am on my second week with weight watchers myself, but already lost some with healthy eating. I am like you. I have tried most diets available over the years and I continue to be overweight. What keeps me on track is the thought that I want to do it this time, for me, for my life, for health, for pretty clothing. I break up my goal in smaller goals, reachable so I don't get caught to think: "1 pound, that's a small loss to what I have to loose" a loss is a loss and its better than not trying and staying the same or even putting on. The time flies by, and maybe not the first week, but in some weeks time you will notice looser clothes and people's comments. That keeps me on track as well. I much prefer myself now than when I was at the beginning, late January so I wouldn't want to change that for a massive binge! Also WW let's you track a treat like a kinder bueno, but I try not to do that as that would take away a meal and its not healthy! Of course I will do it if one day i want a treat real bad but not often! I tend to think that thin people watch what they eat every day so that will have to be my attitude and the high calorie treats should only be a once a week or twice a month thing. Doable! If I want a treat on a regular day I just have a tiny portion to get it out of my system and be within my points! And last but not least, as everyone else says, PLAN AHEAD!!!! If I get caught without planning one day, I end up with meals of higher points and eventually hungry.... I always take my food and snacks to work with me and I don't eat what people bring there like sweets! And because I am sick and tired of washing up, I even treated myself to a number of single use food containers so I don't have to wash them and I just throw them away. You can definitely do it. Believe in yourself, people start journeys to loose 100+ pounds and they manage to do it eventually! So can we! Best of luck! Keep posting here as well as that will help you too!


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Believe in the plan, take time every few days or every day - whatever you need to plan what you're going to have and point it. Weigh stuff so you get your portions right and if you like chocolate curly wurlys are 3 points..I 'm having one now after a rubbish work day ;)

think of it as a change for life and time to re-educate yourself, if you go for the monthly pass option you get access to e-source which s a lifesaver for me too.

goid luck and let us know how you get on xx


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Just popping by to see how you are doing?...

I agree tracking is the key...

are you doing it online or going to face2face?

We are here to support you... do let us know how you are getting alonng....

I have about 3.5st to lose.

Together we can so make this