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Starting Weight Watchers soon!


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Hello, can someone please explain to me how Weight Watchers works in simple terms.

Like layout, prices, ease of following, literature etc.

I should hopefully get myself to a meeting sometime this week (can I just turn up?!).

To be 'healthy' I've got nearly 6 stone to lose (at 19yrs old that feels an awful lot) :(
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Hi Curvy Lass well your definatly in the right place to know about ww there are some real pros at it ! ..
Its based on points (there is a section where you can work out how many you need) it goes on age weight height and how active you are.

£5.50 a week (i think) .. i do monthly pass and pay DD which makes it £17.75 a month and then you dont pay at meetings, it also gives you accsess to extra bits on the weightwatchers website like trackers, recipes etc .
when you attend meeting they give you all the books that you need to get you started.
I would say it can take a week or so to get a good grasp on the diet but after that it becomes almost second nature!
I think the joining fee is around £15 which includes your first w.i all the books and the leader will explain the plan to you also, Somtimes though you can find money off coupons which make registering free so look in the papers or online somtimes to.

hope this helps a litle! .. Im sure there are others who will be able to explain things a bit better xxx
oooo and welcome :)


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Click this link WeightWatchers.co.uk: Meetings - Special Offers
and print off your free registration voucher, and take it to the meeting with you, you'll still have to pay the £5.50 good luck and look forward to reading how you get on :D
Hi - I have just started WW a couple of weeks ago. I have tried lots of other diets and this is by far the simplest to follow and stick to - and more to the point its working.

I'm doing points and you can basically eat anything as long as you stay within your points allowance. I have found that lots of things I was eating are quite high in points but simply by switching to a lower fat version you can still enjoy the yummier things in life.

If you go on the WW website there is a free registration voucher that you can print off.

Good luck :)
Its incredibly easy to follow :)

Get a wee electronic calculator, theyre a godsend when youre out shopping. Eating Out Guides area good investment (they list dozens of places like Indian, Chinese, KFC, McDonalds and loads of takeway and restaurants and point all the goodies) and a Shopping Guide.

Once you know your daily points allowance you can eat whatever you like so long as you keep within your points.

Cheapest method? Buy a calculator, Eating out guide, shopping guide, come on Minimins and forget classes :giggle:


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Do they do student discounts? I'm really having to budget and not sure I can manage with that much coming out per week. That's like a tonne of food from Tesco Value range!
I don't know if they do or not, but if you go with Starlight's option she posted above, you soon get the hang of it and save money too.

Good luck on starting. I'm back on the wagon and nervously awaiting first WI tomorrow.



Going From Flab to FAB!
The hardest part if going for the first time! .. if you can go get it done and dusted you can then make a start with the plan, Im sure once youve been and got your bits and bobs you can read through and start with a great determination!
where all here for you and know exactly what your going through xxx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hi Curvy thinking of you this morning ... Hope youve done ok and gone to class :)
let us all know how youve done xx


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Thank you hun!

Well I weighed in at 15 stones 3lb. :( What a shock that was, I knew I was big, I didn't just how massive though.

I'm doing the Points plan as I like the structure, I'm just getting used to valuing everything, can someone point in the right direction where every point is listed?!

I've set myself a mini target of 2lbs off this week and a final target of 10 stone 4lb so only 69lb to go ;)


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I would definatly recommend you invest in a points calculator, eating out guide and a shopping guide. The points for almost everything you could ever want are in there and what isnt you can work out on the calculator :D

2lb is a very realistic loss then if its more you will be pleasently surprised
Hi I am just a newbee aswell, I joined last week and lost 2 1/2 at my first weigh in yesterday! If you are on a budget check out ebay for the calculator and shopping guide books you will probably get them on there, either that or ask about, maybe one of your friends might have went to WW and got all the gadgets. My friend gave me hers, shes on the cambridge diet now!! Lol.

You can do this on a budget, Morrisons are selling weight watchers meals for a £1 each just now!!

Good luck with your first week!;)



Going From Flab to FAB!
Well Done for going hun! thats the worse bit over and done with! .. now you can get on with your first week!
Like everyone else has said invest in a points calculator .. I dont have one, i only have the little cardboard thing and i have to admit i take it everywhere with me! lol ...

have a great week hun! any probs give us a shout :)


Going From Flab to FAB!
Ooo i bought one last week and i take it everywhere with me ! :) its a lovely nifty lil thing! i lobe gadgets!

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