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Starting WW today


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Hi everyone, I have joined the WW section today. I tried to follow Calorie Counting in April, and was eating the correct daily amount proportionate to my weight for healthy weight loss, but found I was putting weight on! So gave up for maintenance sake. So here I am. I have done WW before, so have all of the books. I will be doing my own weigh-in's as I cannot afford to go to classes until I am back in a job. So I'm going to make the most of being unemployed and not sat behind a desk all day, and start with some walking to get active again. Can't wait to start losing weight, as I hate the way I'm looking right now, and my face looks so fat it upsets me. I used to be a pretty air stewardess once upon a time, now I'm 20 stone, and look awful. So I'm currently on 27 points a day according to my book, so here I am for the long haul!
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good luck with your new journey! I only have the books too, i struggle to find enough hours in the day as it is.. hope you find it good, and im sure your still pretty now! xx


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Thanks Lottie, I'm avoiding seeing my reflection in shop windows, or mirrors at the moment. Hopefully that will change in time
awww, see all the more reason to follow this through... you need to learn to love yourself, not avoid seeing yourself!! even though i can agree with the horrible feeling of feeling like my face is too fat, i do understand, i hope you will start to feel better soon x


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Thank you both :). I took advantage of the nice autumnal weather today, put the pedometer on and went for a walk. My hips and the base of my spine were starting to ache towards the end, but I'm pretty certain the aches and pains will go in time.
welcome and goodluck with your journey xx


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Good luck with your weight loss. :D

I think you are doing the right thing by starting to do some gentle exercise, just wish I could summon up the energy to do some too :) :sigh:

I have decided today that I too will try to stick to my points. I tried to get back into CD last week but having just come back from 2 weeks in the sun I am finding it too cold & bleak to stick to just shakes.

I am now off to have a ww soup for lunch. :eek:

Look forward to hearing of a good weight loss from you soon. ;)


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keep us posted on how you get on. I went for another walk yesterday, and I think I'll do it everyday now. It's just stopped raining, so the walking boots are going on again. Just a quick question, has anyone tried the "cholesterol lowering" 1 a day yoghurt drinks? I'm having 1 of Tesco's each day at the moment. Not sure if I have high cholesterol though. I just googled plant sterols and didn't like what I found on Wikipedia, that a Swedish trial that took place last year found they can be bad for arteries that are already problematic. Don't know whether I should stop drinking them now.
I thought I'd lose more than 3lbs in my 1st week. Everyone seems to have huge losses. Oh well at least it went the right way.


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Hi Tristar

A belated welcome!

Not everyone has a good loss on the first week - especially if they've quite healthy eating before ... and anyway 3lb is a fab loss :)

I'm here for the long haul too and I seem to be taking the scenic route at the moment ... but I feel another surge coming on :)

Good luck for next week!

Hi Tristar! Like I've mentioned in another thread 3lbs is a great loss :) Just keep at it, and keep on those walks! Luckily I have a huge dog that needs a lot of walking so it's a great way to keep exercising too lol :)

I'm in the same position as you, i use to be 13 / 14 stone and then as soon as i went to uni the drinking and takeaway started! 16 and a half stone later something needed to be done! But I also avoid the mirrors and shop windows... well only check them for the hair! :D hehe We will do it! Like people have mentioned it's a long journey but definitely one worth doing / taking :)

Good luck and we are all here for you! xxx
Hi :)
Good luck, and well done for getting on the right track!
3lb is fantastic! It's definitely the best start to your weight loss.

I'm new round here, but have been on WW a while now and I love it.

Keep us updated xx
I agree 3 lbs is really good! Ww is more a slow and steady approach which will give you results if you stick to it x
well I only lost 1lb this week, and it's only week 2. I'm disappointed, but it was my partners birthday this week, and we have been out for a meal (even though I have still been careful)
It's very very windy out there today :gen125: , but it won't deter me from going out for my walk. I doubt I'll get blown away :D
Thank you. I'd post a food diary, but what I eat isn't exciting as I'm a very fussy eater, so it's fairly limited

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