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Hello I have been lurking for a while, but have taken the plunge to see the chemist and sign up for a week on this plan just to give me a boost. What can I expect?

I wasn't measured or anything just weighed and given the packs so at a bit of a loose end as what is expected of me, I have watched the LT video that was a epic in itself.

It says make sure you have min of 2 litre (4 pints) water a day. Does that include the water in Tea & coffee (black) of course.

Sorry such a pain just want to make sure I am doing this correct.
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Hello and welcome :) The water is important as it stops you getting dehydrated and helps with the mental hunger pangs. Some people get headaches in the first few days as you body adjusts to it, I didnt get them that bad but I did drink shed loads of water. Space the water out, and dont gulp it all in one go. 2 litres of water a day plus your usual cuppas. I drank mostly on average 3 litres and it wasn't really that hard to do. I buy a volvic 1 litre bottle and have one in the morning, refill it for one in afternoon and refill it again for the evening. That way I can keep tabs on how much i'm drinking.

Keep coming on here for support, everyone is literally a minute away (I think we live on here heheh)

Good luck with your journey! xxx


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Yup buying a bottle is the best way to keep track of water intake. I have a 1.5ltr bottle, drink one in the morning, after noon and night so drink roughly 4.5ltrs not including shakes!

Water in tea and coffee is included yes.

I had the same experience as you, but the boss chemist person came and had quite a good chat with me about it - asked what i wanted from it what weight i wanted to be and explained how it worked. By the sounds of it not all chemists are as friendly as that.

But just play it by here honey - have your 3 shakes a day, minimum 2ltrs water and prepare to get excited for your 1st weigh in!

Some people do experience headaches and hunger pangs in first few days untill your body kicks into ketosis :)

Oh, and welcome :D


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Yup all of the above :)

Welcome chick xxx

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welcome to LT hun, theres not more i can say, what the other replys have said cover but just wanted to say hi! x


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So you decided to take the plunge!!??!! Great stuff .... I look forward to seeing how you get on!
I won't go into the water & stuff again - I put it all in my reply to your pm - I'm sure you don't want to hear it repeated!

Good Luck! xx

PS - I see you're still sad :( Sorry about that and hope you feel better soon xx

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