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Stay-Good Saturday... Hour by Hour!


Stubborn tortoise
OK... we don't usually have a 100% all day thread at the weekends, but I REALLY need one today... I am back home after 8 days working away and badly need to jump back on the wagon and stay there.

I was doing 810 while away and while not perfect I made the best choices I possibly could and felt good about the way I was coping up until thursday... then was given some sandwiches 'made specially for me' and I ate a few to be polite and because I was hungry... the carb gremlin got me. Grrrr! On Friday I struggled all day to stay good, managed to eat salads on the long journey home but didn't get enough water & finally caved in and had latte & fruit cake at carlisle station... I just REALLY wanted something sweet and my bars had run out on wednesday. No excuses, no 'binge haze', I knew exactly what I was doing.

So today I need to be good! I should be getting weighed later (arghhhh!) and that will motivate me too, but CDC is then on hols for a while, so need some pep talk really to stay on track. Once I can get back safely onto SS I will feel a bit more secure! Still, I guess it could have been worse!

Anyone out there?
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Hi KatyCakes

well done for trying your best to stick to 810 while away. I went away and tried to stick to ss and added a meal one or two nights and it certainly wasnt easy. Especially when everyone around you seems to always be eating or talking about food :)

I think once you get a taste of carbs it takes over! But good on you for wanting to get straight back on track and get into ss again.

Just think how much your mind according to food has changed if you feel bad for drinking a latte and having a piece of fruit cake? Did you ever before CD think that would be bad? I know I wouldnt have :) So chin up, you'll be back on track before you know it, with the support of minimins and your determination!
I'm here, good idea Katycakes....I think sometimes the weekends can be tough so this is such a great way of keeping on track.

I've not got a great deal to do today (boredom alert) so need to keep occupied and on plan.

so - catch up with you later...be good



Stubborn tortoise
Thanks Rach & Raquel... just needed a bit of online encouragement! Have started day with a shake as am all out of porridge & bars, but will stock up soon when i see my cdc... and will then be in safer waters. I never want to run out of CD supplies again... eeek!

Thanks for being there...

i know what you mean - i wouldn't want to run out, so i've bought extra supplies just in case...esp the bars, because they are great for eating on the run, and if you get a sudden urge to eat.

might be worth seeing if you could buy 28 packs instead of 21? that way you'll have few spares.

Great idea KatyCakes as i actually find the weekends the hardest as i always use to munch more then when i wasnt dieting.

Today i plan to keep superbusy and will give the garden a spring clean & tidy from the winter.

Then ironing school uniforms for school Monday.

Then we have family night on sat (usually games and film with our children).

Good luck all. We can do this xxx
:p Well compared to me you are all angels! I had fish and chips last night after being weighed (only a small portion mind)!!!

Back on track today and looking forward to having the bars now as I am into week 3. Got lots planned to make sure I don't stray today.

Isn't it a pain how you feel even more hungry if you eat something? How does this work once you start to get to maintenance stage?

Have a good day ladies, keep busy busy busy!


Stubborn tortoise
Dotti, it's a very dangerous time once you've been weighed, isn't it? You just want a little reward... EEEEK!!! I cannot tell you how close I came last night at Carlisle station to getting chips... the best chippy ever is 2 mins walk from the station and I was stranded, cold, tired, fed up and HUNGRY for over an hour before I could get my connection... I kept telling myself I'd only eat half... or maybe just have mushy peas... (like THAT would have happened!). In the end, the fruit cake seemed the lesser of two evils!!!

I have just discovered WHY I have been so tired and craving bad stuff... unexpected TOTM. I hadn't a clue, as already had TOTM this month... CD does jumble things up a bit though, according to some of the threads I've seen, so I feel a bit better knowing hormones were in on that whole craving thing as well. I feel like i can be stronger now that I know.

And Rach, you're right - think we'll all be round at Yummy's tonight for a film night... cool!!!

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Stubborn tortoise
Hi Trish... stay strong!!!! We can do it.

Sleepy, can you have a paracetamol? Sore head is no joke. Hugs, both....

KC, thanks a lot. Wil have some headache tablets after my porridge.
Its one of those that feel like a hangover headache, every time i move my head sharply is like "oww!"
Haven't been on the lash tho :-(.
Well done you for a positive week, i think the cake and latte at the train station were the lesser of other evils!
Let us know what happens at the WI x
SleepyBird I had a headache similar to that for a few days this week, it didnt seem like a headache like I was used to as such.....anyone know what may cause this? I am feeling your pain, it was not fun!


Stubborn tortoise
Just got weighed... after a month of staying the same, I have lost 5lb in the last fortnight, even on 810 & even including the week away... I am SOOOOO happy!!!! I feel instantly re-focused and so relieved, I am finally in the 11-stone zone and I have waited so long to get here!

Off out now with assorted family, but so happy, wanted to share.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Am running in here.. hiding from the roast dinner in my kitchen...

Have been good all day, had porridge and soup so far.. lots of water, an hours Karate (great work out where I got so hot that I actually had a hot flush for a minute).. Am just back from a walk (leisurely - but did include a very steep hill) with the girls, hubby and dogs :)

This afternoon is relaxation followed by salad and cottage cheese :) Am going to have that while the family have their roast.. normally a sunday thing but it's St Davids day tomorrow so they're having Cawl (soup) and welsh cakes after.. which means tomorrow they'll be baking!! arrrrggghh!!

So.. thank you Katycakes for bringing sanity to my life!! :D Well done on sticking to 810 as long as you could :)
I am needing to be on the straight and narrow today!!

100% so far!!

Gonna need here as yesterday was so bored, totm, and gave in to 2 slices toast :(

BUT determined to stay on track today.

well done on your loss Katy!!

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