** stay strong saturday Daily Thread **

morning :) I couldnt see a daily thread so thought I would start one :)

I have my weekly lie in this morning so am feeling goooood !! We went to the local last night and had a lovely night , all the village were in there and OMG the compliments !!! I put on a lovely dress and put my hair up in twists and got so many looks and comments it was fab .. still cannot believe I can get in a size 12 .. from a 26 ... amazing !!

Not much planned for today .... lunch for the hubby and kids soon and I am lookign forward to my bar .... then I need to pop into town to get a birthday prezzie for a party my 4 year old Elena is going to tomorrow :)

I have just realised that my weigh in on monday will be just after I have worked a night shift so I will have been drinking all night ..... I normally dont drink from sunday night till after my weigh in ... so this week isnt going to be good as I can weigh 4-5 lb more in an evening .. hmmmm not impressed :(

Hope everyone has a fab day :)
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I always wonder whether all this water we drink affects our weight loss!! for the first time I had a tetra and a fair amount of water before my last weigh in and only lost 2lbs... I'm blaming it on the water because I had a 100% week! It's not fair haha

I have a busy day, I'm drumming with my band all afternoon (which was exhausting last weekend! need to keep the water up) then I have an ann summers party with the worlds largest buffet to navigate at night! but i'm going to stay strong!!


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Hello :) Checking in, it's been a long week and I haven't been Cding ! I have been away looking after my sisters children after she had new baby Daisy on Tuesday (1 hour 36 mins to late to be born on my birthday) !

She hasn't been too well and therefore I ave been all over the place, Sis lives as hour away so done the journey 3 time this week then stayed overnight for a few days, back there tomorrow.

So I have been trying to do ww pro points and ordered myself a treadmill to help with the weight loss.

No idea what I weigh and I am giving up on the scales, if I eat sensibly and exersize every day I should be able to get to goal in time for holidays, not in ss frame of mind, so I am off for a bit altho may be back sometime.

Hope everyone is well and I will pop back and say hello!



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Happy weekend everyone!

I am still ill and grumpy. Want to get back on the diet today but my tonsills are still swollen so I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not.

Popping in to town today to post off my broken phone to be fixed!

Don't have much else to say really haha. Hope everyone is having a fab Saturday.


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Went to Costa and watched DH troff a tuna melt panini and a piece of tiffin. Pig lol

This is the first Saturday in weeks where I've not even been tempted to cheat. woop!


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It's day 3 for and I still feel hungry! I Want some food am trying to keep away from kitchen n am not making kids dinner tonight because I think I will be tempted to have some :(


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Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Im on rubbish nites fri, sat & sun very miserable & for some reason this time around on cd i am struggling to sleep well. Its like my bodys too hungry to sleep but mentally i feel ok. At this stage last time i could sleep for britain! Determinator i am with you on the nights thing.... Ive just got a new cdc & she suggested weighing at 8am mon morn when ive just finished my night shift saying surely id be lighter then?! I said yr joking im so bloated i can hardly do my jeans up when i get my uniform off & the scales register no loss at all. Getting weighed at 3pm mon but think will still be a bit bloated. I was today. Hope sat night is not to difficult for you all guess i should be grateful im working& dont have to worry about that! Xxx


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i am struggling to sleep well. Its like my bodys too hungry to sleep Xxx

I have a mix-a-mousse about 2 hours before I go to bed -- it really helps me as they are so filling. I used to wake up in the middle of the night so hungry. Now, i just wake up to pee. LOL



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@Katie -- How lovely for you all those compliments. I wouldn't worry about the weigh in... whatever losses do not show ATM because of the water will show next time with a larger loss. And, OMG you are wearing a 12!!! You know you've done well.

@Muhly -- Same on the water: it'll eventually show. And all that drumming must be awesome for preventing bingo wings. What do you mean "only 2 pounds": you have to burn 7,000 more calories than you consume to lose 2 pounds! That is an awful lot of drumming.

@Charley -- Congrats on the new neice. I LOVE the name: Daisy. I hope your sister is better soon, and how lucky she is to have you to help her out. I think what you are doing (pro-points) makes good sense as you are having to fix meals, etc for her children.

@Chele -- It is a good feeling to not "want it". But, it can't have been fun watching them have a treat.

@twilightkez -- It takes me about a week to be able to sit in a room where people are eating, much less shop or cook. But, tonight I made my DH and DS couscous and pork and my DD some chicken and Smile Fries, and I had my CD soup while sitting with them.

I did a Rosemary Conley Zumba class this morning -- it was good and I am feeling it now. Need a hot bath soak, me thinks. I joined and got all the goodies -- portion pots, magazine, dvd, measuring tape, etc. I am looking forward to next Saturday's class. It is at 9:30 to 11 and is held right next to a large Tescos. So, I can do my weekly shop before or after class and be home by noon either way.

Later, I went shopping with a friend (a craft supply sale). I have so much stuff, but I bought some more. I really need to use the stuff I have accumulated for various projects.



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good evening all.
i seem to be having a problem with my scales at the moment.
they are really decent scales (weight watchers fat analysis scales) .
last year we had a downstairs toilet put in and this is where the scales are.... the problem is the floor in there doesnt appear to be completely level.
i noticed earlier that if i move the scales a fraction in any direction i can change the weight on them by up to 5lbs :confused:.
now im thinking i might be 5lbs heavier than i was last week eeeek. ok ok calm down, dont panic. not going to read too much into it if i can help it. :rolleyes:
well i have had a rotten sore throat since last night.... usually i would take a mega dose of barocca vitamins to boost my system. time will tell how soon i shake it off without using them.
also i am getting terrible calf cramps. i remember getting them a lot in bed last time on cd and was told it was down to lack of salt in the diet but dammit my calf is so sore right now.
other than that.... i ordered my treadmill yesterday so am waiting eagerly until next saturday when it will be delivered :)


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hi ya ladies, had a busy weekend so far , where having a new bathroom fitted so had to be awake early for tiler /plaster ect, not impressed its the weekend and i even managed to get rid of the kids friday nite to my moms, it was not till 10pm friday nite that hubbie informed me, the tiler was coming at 8 and because he was on a training course i would have to see to him , is it me our does this diet make u a bit grumpy , because i was not impressed any way got up early let tiler in popped up to used the wobble machines by us which lifted my mood and then sat in running up and down the stairs after the tiler making him teas and a sandwich which was all good excise up early again tomorrow have a family coming round to meet me cos im a childminder , moan moan moan see i told ya lol, oo well im boring myslef now , lol, love the name daisy and well done on your great weight loss size 12 woooo hooo well done enjoy the rest of your week xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx