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  1. fruitandcoffee

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    Just wondering if anyone has any tips for staying motivated for a long period of time. I've been dieting on and off since March 2011, still not at my target. I got to within a stone of it at Christmas, but that was more to do with degree stress and really bad anxiety. Not something I would like to do again.

    So, I have about a stone and a half I would like to lose...would really like to do this by the end of September. Not sure if that is doable because I find it so hard to stick to diets! I see people on here losing 5, 8, even 10 stone and I can't lose 1 and a half?! I know it will take time but when I don't see results within a few days I lose the plot. I think it doesn't help that I don't *need* to lose weight...I am a comfy size 10 but just not happy with myself still. Please help! :( would love your tips and tricks :)
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  3. UKSerena

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    Long time no see Sweetie! I restarted on 30th May! X
  4. fruitandcoffee

    fruitandcoffee Full Member

    Ahhh you're back yay! I will come and subscribe again :) x
  5. GingerJV

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    Hello there! We all suffer of lack of motivation...sooner or the beginning or in the middle... As for me i motivate myself every time i want to eat;-) I have afolder at my laptop with photos of beautiful bodies i would like to have, photos of beautiful clothes i would like to wear) So before starting any of my meals i look through the photos and decide to myself: i want these brownies more or i want to wear this swimsuit more? the answer is obvious) try it) I think it can help) But i also have found one good trick for myself: find the sport you like and do it not as an obligation but just for pleasure!!! For me this kind of sport is cycling)) Very intersting and not hard at all) Doing sport with pleasure you soon will start to lose weight! for sure)
  6. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    It feels good to be back amongst old and new friends! X
  7. SlimmingKitchen

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    Hey Hun
    I recently joined WW with only 1 stone 7lbs to lose like you and for us it is harder than those who have a lot to lose. I've been yo yo ing up and down but determined to stick with this plan as I much prefer it to SW.
    Its easier for me and I love the flexibility of F&H and counting ProPoints if I want to switch too.

    We can all do this we just have to keep going even after a bad week etc. Xxx

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