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  1. HopeR

    HopeR New Member

    Well I can't count how many time I have said it but the diet starts tomorrow. I've struggled to find something which has suited me and often end up giving up due to slow progress. Exercise isn't a problem for me but sticking to a diet does seem or be- alcohol, bread and chocolate are my three serious weaknesses. How does everyone else stay motivated when their weight loss is slow?
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  3. Fay737731

    Fay737731 Silver Member

    Running on an empty motivational tank right now, but then when I started my diet my motivation was pretty low anyway - it was more a feeling of "I concede" or acceptance of some kind that I couldn't continue getting bigger and bigger as I was already a size 22. I hit rock bottom when I was faced with buying yet more clothes after spending at least few hundred on clothes for my honeymoon only 2 months earlier.

    I am a believer that it's all about finding the right diet for you!

    Now I just need to figure out how to get back on track after over two weeks off.....!
  4. HopeR

    HopeR New Member

    Well it looks like you've been doing amazingly so far, what fantastic results! Yeah I think you're right, I just need to find something that suits me or at least get into a routine with it. It's tricky to get back into it after Christmas isn't it! I'm sure it'll soon feel normal!

  5. I'm similar with you. I actually get excited about exercising! But eating right is the hard part for me. I am a lover of sweets and an emotional eater on top of that. And when I overeat, I feel as though all my sweats counted for nothing, get discouraged, and eat more. In that moment when I feel like throwing away the entire day to disaster, I make a cup of tea. It calms me down and also helps me to digest better and eases my stomach. Meanwhile, I remember to accept myself with kindness, all of me, all my weight. I try not to let shame or frustration to be my moving force. Also, my weight doesn't shift very easily either, so I began taking pictures weekly to track myself instead. This was one of the best things I started doing recently because I may not see much changes on the scale but I can in the photos I've been taking! It's kind of fun too :) I hope this leads you to some ideas. I'm actually new to this forum and this is the first post I'm writing. I hope to see you around and get to read you are doing well! There is still much of 2014 left so slowly but surely you'll get there! Good luck <3
  6. ursula

    ursula Member

    I believe exercise should be fun, I know it sounds dumb BUT one of the things I used to do (I'm trying to motivate myself here too) was dance to The Backstreet Boys because it'd make my chuckle trying to do all of the boyband moves XD My body can feel impossible to move but once I get on a fun track of exercise it just makes me feel lighter, more agile, sexier and more confident straight away and puts me in a good mood. Some of the things that have worked for me in the past are things like, when I'm walking I jog every other lamppost, I walk/ jog to get my breakfast in the morning, I put in loud music and go crazy on my fitness trampoline, rackett ball is great fun too. As long as you're laughing, or getting a chore like walking done quicker is my motto. And then once you're motivated you'll prolly want to just go for a run, for in some sit ups whilst watching TV. Also boxing at home with a punch bag is great to relieve stress. :)
  7. Smilingsuzy

    Smilingsuzy Full Member

    I think this is spot on. I've been watching a few programmes this morning and even with tremendous weight loss after a few months the motivation dips. Dig deep and plow on!
  8. Fay737731

    Fay737731 Silver Member

    I like your comment! While sometimes I don't always feeling like sticking with the diet I have shown that I can be committed (for 9 months now) to losing weight and eating sensibly (ish) to keep it off. I can't seem to get the motivation to do the exercise part of the healthy lifestyle though! Saying that today I have packed clothes to change into after work and try and run some of the 1.5 miles home (it's a start at least)
  9. Shakira1201

    Shakira1201 New Member

    Hi guys, I'm new to the site, and am looking for a little support on my weight loss journey.
    I find it impossible to stay 'motivated'.
    I have no motivation to get up and exercise at all. I used to exercise at least 3 hours a day and really enjoyed it.
    But ive put on weight recently and I have a very tight schedule due to work so cant find a lot of time to exercise. And when I do get time, I dont want to. I almost argue with myself in my head telling myself to just get up and stop being so lazy, but I can't seem to bring myself to get up and do it. I also find it difficult sticking to diets. I have no willpower at all and find it very hard to say no to the things I want.
    Does anyone have any tips for me? Im reaching the end of my tether and really need some support to help me along.
  10. Smilingsuzy

    Smilingsuzy Full Member

    This sounds like you're being a bit hard on yourself honey. I used to be at the gym 5 times a week, now I can't even go once at the moment, I've struggled with this but I've realised all exercise counts, so when I clean the windows, walk the dogs etc I am pleased. I've recently gone back to one class a week, and was surprised I managed it. But it took a long time to accept I couldn't expect to walk back in to 5 classes a week.

    You're here, you've started, celebrate that x
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