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I guess this question is aimed at some of you who need to maintain your weight, or have tried to do that in the past. As a yo-yo dieter I am always sceptical about my ability to stay at my target weight. In fact, I only ever got below 12 stone about fifteen years ago and that was for my best friends wedding where I had to sing! That was enough to make me shed all my excess weight alright.... but once the wedding was over i was like a starved animal attacking the fridge couldn't even wait to stuff myself silly at the reception! I only hope that I won't feel that way this time around!

I think that you don't have to eat too much more cals per day in order to maintain your target weight. It sounds like another diet on top of a diet! :sigh:
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not a silly question as I feel the same way! so ok it might be a silly question we are both asking!

I 'think' that its about moderation, that you can have a bad day, but the trick is not to let it turn into a bad week or month, and that it's not about being on a diet it's about being healthy.


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Thanks for your reply :) I know a lady who lost 12 stones only to pile them back on again in less than a year. It so unnerved me, imagine having to go through all that hell twice!!


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Yes, I counted calories for a while, but only so I really understood how much my body needed.

Now I just eat in moderation :) Don't count anything.


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Defo not a silly question. i often think about how I'm going to keep it off once at target. I think that is where my real battle will begin. I'm gonna stay at class as a lifetime member I think. But I do think that I will always have to watch what I'm eating and keep it on track. I have a whole new attitude to losing weight this time though, so I'm sure that will make a differance too. :)


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I am with Helen on this.

I finished Cambridge back in April 2006 and I haven't done any sort of diet since and never would need to again. I don't restrict anything and have exactly what I like when I like BUT the absolute key is moderation!

For me also it was about breaking the emotional link I had with food and that was key to me otherwise I was going to go back to using food to cheer up with and that was a vicious circle that needed getting rid of :)



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its all about the lifestyle change...not just the diet...i hate the word diet :break_diet:


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Snap totty!

Lifestyle change is one of the three reasons people who lose weight and keep it off permanently are successful...the 'diet' removes the weight/fat problem, but the lifestyle needs to adjust sometimes very dramatically in order to maintain the new healthy's all about daily exercise, portion control and behaviour modification...