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Staying the Same weight sticking 100% ??


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Hi Guys

I went for my WI tonight and i am the same weight however my shape has changed i.e smaller clothes size but i feel so upset that i have stayed the same :(

i have been 100% but do have 2 teas with milk but have done this since the start

any ideas what to do as my cdc said it happens i will show a good loss next week
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Just give it another week, if there is no change, you could need a boost and up a plan for a week, if you are still dropping the inches then dont worry it has to come off - i just noticed that you dont have much to loose that will be why its slow, im sure it will move next week.

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That's tough hun. You've just got to fous on your next weigh in and stay on track this week. Hopefully you'll be able to report a big loss then. Just remember (as annoying as it is not to see the scales move for motivation for all this) we have to think about the average weight loss over the month. Well done for staying on track hun. You've done so well and it's brilliant that your shape is changing. x


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S: 12st2lb C: 12st2lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Girls - i won't get too dishearterned as i know it happens to most people on any diet ... however my scales showed i have lost over 1lb this morning going for WI again on tuesday a day early but will see then ... if i have lost reason it's early is so we can address the issue if not ... here's to another week 100%!!!

thanks again xx


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Hey hon
Just wanted to say hang in there your doing fab..
My cdc told me that most people do get a week where the plateux... (sp?)... it can be disheartning hon but your doing fab and you dont have a lot to lose at all so you will be there before you know it . Stick with it will come off........


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my cdc says to do it on a 2 week cycle....so next week you might have a massive loss so will even it out! Dont get dishearted, your doing amazing!!!


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I also am in the midst of a plateau week (I think ) but you have said your clothes size has went down?

The scales are just a number - sometimes its a boosting very motivating number, other times its a hell sent gremlin sent to test you.

How do you feel? Do you feel slimmer?

I always remember seeing a poster at the gym, saying "I wouldn't care if I weighed 18 stone, as long as I had a body like Liz Hurleys" and its true. I think at times we place too much reliance on the scales.

I bet you have a whoosh next week too. Hang in there!


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i weigh in fortnightly at my CDC's as it does even out. You will have a big whoosh on the scales soon!


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Hmm I'm not having a whoosh after the second week!!! Still I feel good and my clothes are fitting more and more each day x

I hope you see more results soon xx


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I'm in the middle of a plateau week myself I think, but after great losses over the last 3 weeks, I can't complain.I think the body sometimes just hangs onto water for no reason.

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