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Step2 810kcal Step 2 eeeek

S: 11st12lb C: 8st13lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 20.8 Loss: 2st13lb(24.7%)
Hey guys,

i think...THINNNNK that tomorrow i will be moving up to step 2, i know it sounds silly but part of me is excited to get the ball rolling and begin the process of adding in food, but another part of me is stressing about it.
i was wondering for those of you who have been there or are there at the moment...what is your advice?!
when do you have your meal? Are your losses still good? Do you mix your sachets with the food/yogurt? Can you separate the allowances and have them through the day? Haha my mind is so busy :/ abit scared tbh!
I hope some one takea pity on me and replies haha! Thank yooou x
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S: 15st8.0lb C: 12st0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 3st8lb(22.94%)
Hey, gonna break your post down into bits so I don't forget to answer part of it.

I was fine with step 2, was still losing. I found the larger portion of protein too much. So I mixed and matched half the chicken with one egg for example. So I had a poached egg for lunch or something.
I like step 3 better. But remember than you can always go back down a step if you need to.

I like to have my shake for breakfast. I use the milk allowance not the yogurt. I love tea with milk, I drink way too much tea.
I was having a product for lunch, then my meal in the evening. At night I had a bar and a cuppa.
I never tried any of the step two recipes, they were not my thing.

I did find it was good to make soup though, I made the golden veg water flavouring up in a pint of water. Then add my chicken and veg to it, made a really nice soup. Of course you could add some herbs. I played about using different veg and things. The plus point of the soup is that I could have a bowl for lunch and a bowl for tea. It was quite a lot for one bowl. I did think of cooking it with less stock, but its quite a lot of chicken for soup.

You will be fine, were you on sole source or sole source plus? I was on ss+ I think that makes a difference. Really the only change for me going from step one - step two was the increase in protein.

I would love to hear how you get on. :)
S: 11st12lb C: 8st13lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 20.8 Loss: 2st13lb(24.7%)
Aw thank you so much for taking the time to reply!!
I have been doing SS and I thought I would be on step two now..but I have to do SS plus! The step I really can't wait for is the one you said you liked..when I can have some muesli haha step 3!
Thank you for answering all my questions :D I was in such a panic!
I went shopping today and got my chicken, prawns etc so will start adding my 200cal meal in tomorrow! SS plus is abit boring I think, not much to play around with is there?! :) i agree about the portions of protein etc for step 2. Are you allowed to separate them like break them into a dinner and a tea? I think at the moment it just feels like a lot to get my head around..all change! Who would think such a simple thing as eating can cause so much confusion?!:) Im going to SSplus this week and see what the results are and then go from there! Are you still doing Cambridge? You're weight loss is fab:D thank you again for replying! It's good to discuss with someone who has a clue what I'm rambling about :) xx
S: 15st8.0lb C: 12st0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 3st8lb(22.94%)
Yeah, I'm on week 15 or 16 I think. I have just over a stone to loose I think now.. I put on this week :( I cheated. It was my own fault.

Yeah you could split it and mix and match.

For example , on ss+ you could have two eggs as your protein.. Or you could make a one egg omelette. So its half the portion of egg, then half the portion of chicken and the veg. I would put some leak and mushrooms in it, then add a side salad. It was green leaves and a wee bit of green pepper up to the 80g of veg.

Or you could have an oven cooked stuffed mushroom with a poached egg on top. I used a big portobello mushroom, it was nearly 80g on its own, so just one egg and top up that half of the protein allowance with something else add some leak again :)

Tuna salad... um.. Steamed chicken and veg. You get some nice herb and spice mixes in the supermarkets. I got a few of those. I love the chicken flavored one and the fajita one.

You can make paper parcels for the oven and make herb crusted fish and veg.

No one said you can't split them, so you could have half of the allowance for lunch and half for tea.

I quite liked cottage cheese and prawn salad.

Yeah sep 3 is good because I can eat fruit, but only 40G of muesli. Its like 4 table spoons. Its not worth buying a box for lol. My box will have gone all funny before I can eat it all.

That is the other issue I had, I buy one leak a week, and I never finish it all. One cabbage a week, half of it goes in the recycling.

Yeah, we have gone from humans who only ate to survive, who had to eat carbs for energy. To people who don't really need carbs, eat for fun, because we are sad/happy/ thirsty/bored. We eat things that are addictive and taste rich, and we got used to it.

I think eating disorders are misunderstood sometimes. At one extreme you have people who have issues eating, and at the other extreme there are people who can't stop.
It would be nice to be in the middle, being able to see ourselves for what we are and eat healthily.

But I think we all move up and down between the extremes, some people go one way other the other and get classified as having a disorder, the rest of us hover somewhere between fine and eating too much of all the wrong things and getting in a mess.

Food can affect our mood, our body and therefore both our mental and physical health. But its so hard to avoid bad foods, a lot of them contain things that have been shown to be addictive. Its not just kids that get a sugar high from chocolate and things like that.

Its so hard, when we have no energy and feel rubbish do to what we know we should, and when we don't then eat better or exercise we feel worse. When we do we crave the bad food's we have become dependent on.

But as you know from being on ss it does get better. :) you sound like you have been doing really well. I think these diets are good, because we get to learn about food and eating along the way. Learning about what we need to live on, and what portions we should be having. Sort of retraining ourselves. Its not something that can happen over night, its a long challenging journey but worth it :) hopefully all the stuff we learn along the way can help us maintain this.
S: 18st8lb C: 15st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 3st1lb(16.54%)
I've done my whole journey so far on 810 and plan to continue on it until I get to goal and start moving up. So although I can't really comment on using it as stabilisation, after 14 weeks on it I think I know it quite well lol

It's a fantastic plan and has given me great weight loss so far. Obviously you are near/at your goal so your weight losses will be slowing anyway but as you get closer to goal and/or a healthy BMI moving up the plans can actually increase weight loss! Sounds ironic but it seems to happen to most people.

I have a shake for breakfast at about 8am if I'm at work and about 10am if I'm not (I don't get up that late but there's no rush to have it if I haven't got to get to work). I then have a bar for my lunch between 1pm and 2pm. My 810 meal I have at about 5pm to 6pm and usually have 80g of salad leaves, cucumber and spring onion with half the allowance of cottage cheese and then half the allowance of tuna, chicken or prawns (I use king prawns). The cottage cheese makes the tuna, chicken or prawns more interesting and the salad not dry, but I always have the full fat cottage cheese (250g) instead of the larger amount of fat free stuff, because that tastes AWFUL!! I have my final shake about 8pm. I usually have the allowance of semi-skimmed milk (I'm not keen on skimmed milk and the quantity is just too much for me) and make it into a milky coffee about 9-10pm with a sweetner (I don't drink tea/coffee through the day so can use the milk all in one go for the milky coffee). I love it! Initially I had the yoghurt allowance instead but prefer the milk now.

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