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Step away from the scales woman!

Dont know why I did but I weighed myself this morning. My Weigh in is on a Tuesday.
Showed a STS.
Why did I do it to myself? Now am facing a weekend of temptation with that thought!!
But seriously, I am trying to keep super good this week, want a loss on Tuesday of 2lbs to take me back to my stone.
Think I need a bit of a shake though and I have been using all my syns on wine in teh evenings. Not the best thing to do! For this weekend I am swopping from wine to a low cal beer we have here which is 120cals for a 500ml can. The thing is when i put my 3 and 4 year old to bed, I am so exhausted by their crazy behaviour that I feel its my right to sit and have a drink! Some people may eat a chocolate bar or have something else sweet. I choose booze everytime but always within syns.
But I have upped my water in take and have been eating loads of super free. Before I started SW back in March time, I hadnt eaten an apple for about 6 months :eek: Now I actually enjoy fruit! favs at moment are honey melon, apples and bananans. I did have a huje slice of watermelon last night but was kinda shocked when I saw Calorie content after. No wonder its not super speedy!.
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I used to be a daily weigher & could gage what any gain/loss would be at WI. Until 1 wk I was way out & I was quite upset with SW scales. After that I decided I'd WI only on a Thursday at my SW class, the relief it has it amazing.

I think it is too early to say what your WI will be on Tuesday.

And as for that glass of wine in the evening why not, that is what your syns are for. Enjoy your weekend drink;)


Better to Drink your Syns
I'm also a compulsive weigher, and it is doing me no good, but I can't seem to stop weighing myself first thing in the morning, and last thing at night!
Now, like this morning, when I am heavier than I was last night, I get really annoyed and upset with myself.
As for using syns for wine, why not?


bye bye baby tummy
I weighed myself one week
it told me i had put on! I ended up taking laxitives to purge :( i was so stressed and in the end i lost 3lb my scales were wrong i made myself miserable for nothing

dont weigh yourself its not worth it


Silver Member
Watermelon is ok, it's a free food & not super free like the other melons.
Sorry to contradict, but watermelon is definitely superfree. I think you're getting mixed up with speed/superspeed. Watermelon is a speed food, while all other melons are superspeed. :)

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