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stephs weightloss diary - i lost 1.5lbs!!


i love my family!
hiya! im going to do a little diary to keep myself motivated and on track so i can lose a stone before christmas! i want to lose 3 stone altogether but just the one in time for xmas is my first little goal!

i started class yesterday and loved it! it was a fab mix of people and the whole class was buzzing, i felt really comfortable so am going to make sure i go everytime.

i started the diet at home myself on monday and did well yesterday and monday but today i feel guilty because i had a mixed chow mein for dinner. i saw 8 syns in the book but im pretty certain thats not for the whole tray :eek:

i prefer green days atm as it seems easier for me to eat with the family and the recipes appeal to me more. will have more red days at weekends i think so i can have bacon and steak and roast dinners haha

hopefully i can do this!
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yo-yo dieter no more!
Good Luck! I'm sure you can do it. Don't feel guilty about the Chow mein, just put it behind you and keep on track. You'll be fine.
Is this the first time you have done SW?


i love my family!
hi nikki and nikki :)

thanks for your good lucks!

will not beat myself up about the chow mein then as its not WI til tuesday anyway, im just worried about my cherry lambrini on friday nights HAHA!

yeah first time im going to have done it properly, have dabbled with it before but now its 100percent on it for me as ive gained weight since my little boy was born over 10 months ago :eek:


i love my family!
morning! well today im feeling lazy argh! i didnt get to bed til really late so it my own fault haha

am having a green day today but i have NO idea what im doing for breakfast and lunch. i know im having cheese and potato pie with chips and mushy peas for dinner, cant wait! just hope the rest of the family enjoy it.

am going to try and fit some excercise in aswell, will walk back from the school run rather than getting the bus as its a good 15 - 20 mins if i walk briskly!

does anyone else do any excercise? if so what do you do?

today i need to increase my water intake aswell as ive noticed i only seem to drink coffee and tea and maybe a diet fizzy pop now and again, i hope it helps!

anyway, off to get in the shower and get the kids ready, will have a think what to have for breakfast while im doing the school run xxx
Hi Steph,

Great minds.....I've started a wee Christmas Countdown diary too as I feel it will give me a bit of extra motivation.

I too prefer Green days and have stocked the freezer up with single portions of quorn spag bol, quorn chilli, veg hot pot and a veg curry. Easy to microwave a portion when you get in from work and boil some rice/pasta/pots. Works for me and sometimes if I'm working from home I have a portion at lunchtime too, if I'm feeling really really hungry.

Good luck with your stone for Christmas, I'm sure you can do that no bother at all. Water makes a big difference and I've always got a bottle in my office/car/fridge. I usually keep a couple of alpen light bars in the car too incase I dont manage to find lunch when I'm out, they keep me going till I get home or back to the office.

I'm just taking it day by day, good luck and keep posting.

T4A x


i love my family!
thankyou T4A! ive drank more water today but im weeing like mad haha, im sure my body will get used to it though.

right! i decided what to have for breakfast and lunch in the end! i had 3 eggs scrambled with onion and a small tub of cottage cheese for breakfast and im just having a packet of batchelors mushroom rice with an onion and chilli added for lunch. ive also made the cheese pie in advance for dinner and ive had a taste and its LUSH! cant wait for dinner now!

am still feeling good about SW and really enjoying it. am not feeling deprived at all.


i love my family!
another day done well!!

today im doing a red day cos i have steak and extra lean mince to use up.

i just had some slices of ham and a few crabsticks for breakfast as i wasnt really hungry.

for lunch im oing to have a steak salad but am unsure of what dressing i could use? im not keen on fat free dressing so might try a creamy one by adding garlic to fromage frais? hopefully it will work haha!

for dinner tonight im making homemade burgers with a portion of HEa cheese in the middle. gonna have it with HEb potato wedges roasted with garlic and herbs and tomato and onion salad.

then for pudding im going to have vodka and diet cherryade YAY!


i love my family!
hiya! ive been good allllllllll weekend woohoo!!!! had 2 red days so am glad to be back on green today, only reason i did red was cos i had some meat to use up haha!

jumped on the scales (naughty me) and loks like ive lost 2lbs but my official WI isnt until tomorrow at slimming world so i will disregard it lol

ive been struggling to drink alot of water cos i love my hot drinks so have been doing mugs of very weak hot pop which is close enough.

had my HEb fruit and fibre for breakfast with some of my HEa milk.
had a packet of batchelors chicken and roasted garlic pasta with 50g weightwatchers lowfat creme fraiche stirred in (2 syns?)
tonight for dinner im making the potato and broccoli bake. am going to give some to the rest of the family too but they can have a couple of sausages with theirs, dont want them getting skinny aswell as me HA!

a bit nervous about my first WI tomorrow but im praying that ive lost at least something!


i love my family!
OMG im crapping myself! i just know ive not lost any weight, i just dont feel like i have at all :( we will see, my WI is at 10am, im sooooooooooooo nervous! i really hope im not going to struggle to lose weight cos ive stuck to plan xxx
dont be to disheartened even if u havent lost weigh (i m sure u have) i put on 1lb the first week but i ve lost every week since well except last week but that was tom and i never loose then so keep at it hun and good luck


i love my family!
thanks hun xxx

well i lost 1.5lbs!!! woohoo! going to drink more water and snack on fruit and yog instead of cous cous cake and see if i can get under 12stones for next week!


i love my family!
been forgetting to post my food oops! heres todays

breakfast - 1 toffee HEb bar
lunch - a packet of batchelors bolognese pasta with chopped onion, mushrooms, pepper and chilli in, i only ate half.
dinner - am going to do slimmingworld chips egg and quorn sausages.

snacks - going to have some fruit with natural yoghurt spooned over xxx

water - well ive not done so good with this again, going to have to drink more xxx

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