Sticking to plan over Christmas?


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Hmmm, I think I'm in a minority here. I'm planning to stick to the plan as near to 100% as I can over Christmas.

I have a WI class on the 23rd and then again on the 30th December although I might not be able to attend the 30th as I might be in Scotland visiting the out-laws. But even so, I really want to stick to the plan as I've been 100% since starting on the 1st October. I don't want to undo anything I've worked hard for. I'd be mortified if I put on 3 weeks worth of losing if you know what I mean.

Even my consultant said last week.. well I can't expect anyone to stick to it over Christmas. I thought... right.. I'll show you LOL.

I don't drink so alcohol isn't going to be a factor. I don't want to start eating chocolate again because that's part of the reason I'm on SW now. Once I start, I can't stop. So now I'm a chocolate t-total I don't want to get back on the chocolate band wagon(wheel?) LOL

Is anyone else planning to stick to the plan over the festive season?
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Hi there!
I am planning on sticking to the diet over Christmas too, I cant eat a lot of things that I would normally have on Christmas day anyway (like roast potatoes or even boiled potatoes) as I have a gastric band. I dont drink either, so my downfall if anything would be the chocolate...and that gives me toothache! Lol
At this moment in time, I would like to say, yes, I am.


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I think it's really great that you want to stick to it over christmas.. if you can do it then you can do it anytime!

I was saying to OH yesterday that I am not going to buy all the stuff (food) that I usually do and really don't want to fall off the wagon as I did last year as i didn't get back on until september! Funnily enough the thought of eating all that puts me right off!!

I am having a flexi day on Christmas day but that's it..



I stuck to is 100% over Christmas last year anr loss 2 1/2 lb's christmas week if i remember correctly so there's no reason not too. xx


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I'm definitely going to stick to plan! To avoid drinking, I'm going to drive to friends/family as much as possible, rather than my OH driving as he usually does!

It's going to be tricky, but with enough will-power I think I can do it. To stop myself 'nibbling' at naughty things I will just have remind myself that I don't need it, I'm not eating the chocolcates crisps because I'm hungry and then I should be ok...

Obviously it'll be a red day on Christmas day itself!


However, just realised i was on my own last christmas so didn't have to worry about food etc but this year i'm at my boyfriends on christmas day and his brother's on boxing day, his mum is supportive enough so christmas day should be ok, but i'm thinking i'll have to bring some low fat super noodles with me as an emergency to his brothers haha... xx


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Im gna try but I aint gna be very strict..... I dont want a gain lol So a maintain is the aim lol


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However, just realised i was on my own last christmas so didn't have to worry about food etc but this year i'm at my boyfriends on christmas day and his brother's on boxing day, his mum is supportive enough so christmas day should be ok, but i'm thinking i'll have to bring some low fat super noodles with me as an emergency to his brothers haha... xx

I'm at my boyfriend's mums on christmas day and I think I'll have to take lots of fruit to have as dessert because I won't eat Chritmas cake or pudding and definitely not mince pies (though I love them), If I just stuff myself with the meat and veg then I'm hoping I will be ok not need anything else!

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I am going to maintain my weight loss over Christmas - that's the plan anyhow.

going to my sister for Christmas and she eats really well anyway - so should be lots of healthy options - although there will be more than enough of the naughty stuff too.

I am not going to be too hard on myself and neither gorge myself (because its Christmas....) or deprive myself (because of the diet.....)

We'll see how it goes.

LRO xx


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I hoping to stick to it. There's just going to be me and my dad this year so I'm going to do a green day for Xmas day. I want to get the quorn roast and I'm going to do it with all the trimmings. Dad would rather have lamb chops or toad in the hole so thats cool. On Xmas eve I think I'm going to be making syn free sausage rolls and having them with quorn picnic eggs and Sushi. Might try to make some dips as well.



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I'm at the in-laws for 2 weeks (eek for my diet!) but last year was with them for a week and managed to only put on 1/2lb so if I can STS for the 2 weeks I'm away then I'll be happy!

I've looked up classes where they live and I'm going to try to keep going to class just to keep me on the straight and narrow! I find once I say 'no' to something (like biscuits) then it gets easier and easier to say no each day.


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Ermmm I just had a thought here.... this is a lifestyle change not a diet as such... so to maintain for the rest of our lives... do we have to stay on this plan... or near to it so we don't put on again...

I already don't eat bread, butter, much cheese only hexa or b.... no chocolate, crisps.. well we all know what... so this is it.. for the rest of our lives...

But saying that I don't feel like I am going without anything.

Christmas for us isn't turkey can't remember the last time we had that.. normally a greek meal... but this year seeing as it may only be Hubs and me we are going to have a nice lamb dinner... so will have that.. but will still as always dry roast my potatoes and meat on a rack... he will have his tatties under the meat of course and different gravy.. so really only going to be having a bit of extra meat which can be my syn.... does that make me boring?

We are not ones for all the other stuff that goes with it... oh might have a glass of port.


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I plan to stick to it as much as possible, maybe have a day off on Xmas day and the rest of time try to stick to it but not beat myself up if I can't because of circumstances. Hoping to maintain weight and not put any on!!!


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I'm not going to beat myself up if there is something I want to try, but at the same time, I will do my best to stay on the plan. If there's one thing I hate, it's covering old ground. Losing weight, just to have to lose the same weight all over again. The first slimming club I did was about 12-13 years ago. I remember not being obsessive about it over Christmas, but at the same time, didn't go mad. When we started meeting again after the holidays, one woman had actually put on 11lbs! I was delighted and surprised when I found out I'd actually lost 4lbs! I think I got a special award for that. :D


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I'm hoping to stick to it. I am home for xmas and I am cooking the xmas dinner, i hope with a bit of help from my partner (might be wishful thinking as he will probably be hiding with a bar of chocolate somewhere lol),for my parents and my kids, so everyone will be eating what I cook for dinner. There will be alot of chocolate floating around but I will try to resist (i will have my yoghurts, fruit and ham to nibble - red day).
The problem come to boxing day and new years eve as we will be at the in-laws and his dad likes to cook with all the fattening stuff like oil and cream, and he does such nice puddings :cry: but I will have to be strong and tell them i'm on this eating plan (i know my partner's mum will be more than pleased to help but I'm scared of his dad :eek:). Will take syn free nibbles and bits as back-up :D
I want to post on here what i lose or possibly gain (hope to not gain though!) to keep on track or i know i will just give in.
Good luck to all thats going for it over xmas!

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I am with Treats,Im not going to gain if I can help it,its only a couple of days.I have planned all the meals and treats for me will be huge king prawns,salmon,quality mixed fruit salad,synned trifle,vlf fromage frais with 1 teaspoon mincemeat mixed in (synned)over cous cous cake.Not into drink,chocs but will syn some limbos/fries for nibbles.Having leg of pork(no crackling!) roast veg,stuffing,gravy,bacon roll,homemade apple sauce.Trifle to follow.Yum looking forward to it now!!Hubby having an op 3/12 so wont be able to drive getting shopping online !bliss hate the supermarkets at christmas.I am in hospital for an investigation 17/12 ,last wi xmas eve.We are all taking food/drink for a buffet only thing is its 10am in morning.


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i think im going to be terrible on christmas day lol but at least being vegetarian i don't need to worry about red days im afraid christmas cake and christmas pudding is my down fall!


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i'm doing a zero syn xmas so i can drink as much as i like hehehe

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Ha ha Princessria! That sounds like a great Christmas...if you can remember any of it it will be a bonus!!! Lol!!!!!
Because of my band, I cant eat turkey or chicken, so may end up on a green day anyway christmas day!


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Yeah, like most of you guys, I will be on plan 100%.

I'm not on a diet, I have chosen a different way of eating.
I wont deny mself anything....but I can't see me wanting anything I shouldn't be having anyway! lol

For the past few years Xmas dinner has been a Quorn Roast with all the trimmings (Either dry roasted or steamed). My luxury is a HUGE amount of home made bread sauce, which I can still have by using HEas for my milk, HEbs for my (brown) breadcrumbs, and a couple of syns for some creme fraiche.

Other than a couple of Xmas parties, where I will be drinking obscene amounts, I wont be 'off plan' at all, so I can't see any reason I'll put on weight.

I'm not that into chocolates and things anyway, and hubby already knows I don't appreciate him, say, coming out of the petrol station with a 'treat' for me. I'll choose my OWN 'treats' thanks, and they are very, very rarely chocolate! lol So he wont buy me chocs. My parents are both on SW so they wont go sending 'junk' my way either.

It would be great for someone to start a thread with Xmas dinner & buffet ideas though, for those of us who might waiver a little this year...