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Still here despite the blips!!

Well, I have been checking in now and then over the past few weeks...not very active on the forum as not very on CD!!!! Still trying to figure out how to handle changes in my schedule and workplace and still maintain focus for SS.Decided with my CDC to try and focus on 810 or 1000 for the next few weeks as, yet again I am away. I have every admiration for those that can stay on track through the thick and thin of holidays and work trips etc I can last for 4 or 5 days of the week then tiredness kicks in and I choose to eat off plan. So, hi to newbies and regulars alike. Any advice welcome :confused::jelous:
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Hi imagisal

Unfortunately don't have any advice because I am new to CD myself, but have you had a chat with your CD counsellor to help you work out the best route? I randomly chose my counsellor based on location easy to reach on public transport but I have now heard that some counsellors more helpful and knowledgeable than others- mine seems very interested in sharing her wisdom.
Perhaps one of the counsellors that post on this site will be able to respond. Meanwhile, good luck! Know what you mean about feeling tired, gotta log off now and get some rest.
Hi Blingbabe, hope you are all rested up.Thanks for your post,Yep, I chatted with my CDC and discussed various options so no probs there. It boils down to me deciding that the Cd plan is priority when the going gets tough. I am getting better at it and despite doing all this very imperfectly I am determined to keep coming back and trying to do better....and to reach goal. Even now i am feeling so much better about my body and enjoying getting back into my 'slim' clothes. But then there is the long term picture.It is one thing losing the 1lbs but i know my biggest challenge is not returning to old food habits when I have to deal with food again.
So, you are doing well!! I hope you have another great week :)

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Hey hun, how are you doing today? CD isnt' always very easy and looking back now as much as I love it, it's been pretty hard at times. Just stick with it to the best that you can. You'll have so much flexability on 810 and 1000 and still lose the lbs. Good luck xxx


Enjoyin' my journey....
Hi imagisal - I travel a fair bit with my job to, both within UK and overseas. Would be interested to hear if it is possible to aim to to SS+ but move to 810 or 1000 if needs be for a couple of days as it is not always possible to be in control of food, especially overseas when being entertained. Sensible choices yes, total control no. Would tipping between plans mid week make a difference to weight loss. Not sure about you Imagisal, but I sometimes travel at short notice, making planning ahead difficult. Any other CDers in similar position - how do you cope / plan....?
Wow Sunshine, you are so close to goal, just 2lb!!! Thanks for the encouragement. I have had a bit of a crap day really, decided again to go with food habits that are destructive! I have the next three days away from home again and then finally a stretch of about three weeks where I am working from home as usual. So, a time to re focus, in the mean time I am intending to discard the 'all or nothing' approach to CD!! Best wishes for a good week and getting closer to goal.
Hi Tracey,yep, the sensible choices is what i am trying to achieve...not the all or nothing type thing that i have been sliding into. I am sure changing up to 810 or 1000 is infinitely preferable than going way off plan. I think even on the 1000 you can still expect 1 or 2 pounds a week, so a few days would have less impact and still be lower carb so easier to get back to SS and SS+. I think I just have to be more determined!!! ...am working on it. Best wishes for a great CD week.

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