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Stinky Breath



Going for Goal!
lol - My HB is the same on my bad breath days - I know when it's bad because he stays away!!! ha ha! TBH I enjoy the peace! ha ha! I do just clean my teeth more often, have a swig of mouthwash - there really isn't anything else you can do hun. Some people chew on mint sugarfree gum all day. It's not allowed, as it makes some people hungry - but for me chomping on gum all day keeps the stinky breath demons at bay!Good Luck hun,Hugs x x x


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and a breath spray (goldspot) is good for this, not 100% sure if you can have them but they are a godsend
and a breath spray (goldspot) is good for this, not 100% sure if you can have them but they are a godsend
Thanks for that Emma I'm off to stock up on some gum:D
I always have a tin of Wrigley's sugarfree Ice mints with me and pop one of them when needed try and limit them to less than 7 or 8 a day. Like gum it is not strictly allowed on SS but it hasn't affected my losses or my ketosis. I find chewing S/F gum just makes me hungry and at least with the mints your stomach gets it eventually. If I feel a bit constipated the mints can help as they have a slight laxative effect.

If your breathe gets really bad it may be that you need to drink more water....I find on my bad breathe days I haven't consumed enough water. It is trial and error and over time you will get used to it and will be able to figure out what your body is telling you.
Good luck on your weight loss journey!
Becky - Thanks for the infor I will try and get hold of Goldspot
Nicki - I think you may be right. As I am not drinking enough water, finding it very hard.



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I use the listerine Breath strips.... put one on your tongue and then rub it all around your mouth....
It's only temporary relief as your stinky breath is not in your mouth but is coming up from your lungs and stomach... (by product of ketosis) In most people it wears off after a couple of weeks. Unless you're me and your stuck with dragon breath, for the whole duration!



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I use the listerine strips too. My stinky breath is still going strong so I think I am going to suffer like you Ali!
I think my breath is ok now (now into week 3) or maybe my poor family and friends are just suffering secondary halitosis in silence?! Lots of water seems to help.

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