stir fry sauces


taking one day at a time
whats the lowest syn stir fry sauce thinking off making a stir fry at the weekend :)
im not sure if its the lowest but morrisons ambient chow mein sauce is 8 syns for the whole sachet and serves upto 4
Blue Dragon chow mein is only 5.5 syns per sachet. I usually have a whole one to myself but should serve 3-4.
Hi all I dont know sins :cool: but blue dragon chop seuy is lowest cals ive found .Have you tried to make your own .chicken boullion /stock soy sauce couple of table spoons and oyster sauce 2/3 table spoons cornflour to thicken I then freeze it in ice cube trays .the quantites are approx as to your taste .Just throw cubes in near end of cooking or defrost 3 or so and add at end depends how long you cook stir fry hope this helps