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Stirky's diary

Mini suggested this new section of our slimfast forum so we can post a diary of how we're doing, what we're eating during the day etc etc. What a great idea so lets all join in and get out diaries going!

Right today I went out for lunch with my mum and the kids, so ate at lunchtime and had a shake for dinner instead, great how SF is flexible like this!

Anyway had a great day today, needed one lol! Here's how it went, I always keep a online diary for myself so will just copy and paste it here for all to see (will help keep me on the straight and narrow I think lol!). :

WEDS: (1227) 100% Woo-hoo!!!

Water: 4 1/2 litres

Exercise: Yogalates DVD

Br: Straw SF 217
Lunch: (at pub) Bagette 300
Grilled chicken and salad 250
Din: Choc SF 223
2 x delightful choc slices 138
Sn: Walkers baked 99
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Right today didn't have the best of days! Had an impromptu trip into town today with my mum to find her something for a wedding she's off to tomorrow. So had a 'count on us' sandwich and potato snacks for lunch, so not bad! But then I( had to take my eldest son to the hospital this afternoon for a check up appointment, we were there ages as they were running an hour late, so decided to grab a KFC (I know, I know!!) on way home for everybody's tea as was getting very late to cook (excuses lol!) and of course I had to have some! To be fair KFC is my fav takeaway that we only have once in a blue moon (we have takeaways once in a blue moon in our house as too expensive lol!) and I haven't had a takeaway for an absolute age! Right enough excuses, I've been bad but I'm going to have a great 100% day tomorrow, promise!

So today went like this (only a total of 1240 cals, but I'm not calling it a 100% day because of bad food choices lol!):

Water: 3 1/2 litres
Br: Straw SF 217
Lun: M&S Chicken count on us sandwich 260
M&S Count on us potato hoops 60
Sn: Oaty bar 67
Din: KFC!!!
Wing 112
Breast 267
Fries 257
Well today has been a good day! Weigh in day for me on a Friday and lost 1lb, which I am SO pleased about as just had 4 weeks of STS! So probably the best 1lb I've ever lost lol!

Anyway the first two days of this diary were a bit off track and not like the usual plan I stick to, which is typical being as I was starting this lol. But had a 'normal' day today, so this is what my slimfast day usually looks something like. I still have my eve snack to go, will probably be either crackers with extra low fat cheese spread or a packet of walkers baked :) Also prob be an extra half litre of water at least lol! Hoping to get some exercise in too yet!!

FRI: (1109)
1 lb down! WOO-HOO finally past the 12 stone mark!!!! YAY! Sticking with it today :)

Water: 3 1/2 litres

Br: Straw SF 217
Sn: Watermelon 70
Lun: Choc SF 223
Sn: Half bread roll with two slices chicken 99
Din: Chicken salad 400
Toffee muller light 100
Friday eve update :)

Water: 4 1/2 litres :)
Exercise: 45 min Davina Superfit workout :)
Eve snack: 3 x ryvita with ex light cheese spread and cucumber 120

Total cals for day 1229 = 100% day! Woo-hoo!
Also had packet of walkers baked last night so finished on 1328, still 100% :)

Water: 3 1/2 litres
Br: Straw SF 217
Sn: Apple 63
Small satsuma 20
Lun: Choc SF 223
Sn: Three cream crackers with cheese spread 125
Din: Pasta and sauce 365 & 89
Garlic and tomato flat bread 250

Total: 1352 slightly over
Sunday :(

Haven't done well today, been having a little binge. not good esp as I'm off on hols on Tuesday, really wanted to stick with it until then as although planning on being good I probably will go over. Not doing slimfast while I'm away, camping so bit hard lol, but planning on sticking to similar calories. I say PLANNING lol! Not going to be too hard on myself tho, it's only 5 days :) I'll enjoy myself that's the main thing!
Right, it's Sunday and I'm back from my hols! Weighed in his morning (usually weigh on Fridays) and I'm pleased to report after a week of being off my diet, although I didn't over do it too much, that I have stayed the same! Whoop!!! Think the main thing I found when I was away as I wasn't drinking as much water as I usually do and really missed it! I was camping so water not too readily available and I didn't want to be trotting off to the toilet every 5 minutes lol!

So back on it today, will report in later!
Right, so how did my first day back on it after my hols go? Not too bad but been having cravings and hungry lol! Be better tomorrow!!! At least I could drink my water :D

Water: 3 1/2 litres

Br: Straw SF 217
Sn: Special K choc mini breaks 99
Lun: Choc SF 223
Sn: Tesco raisin & biscuit bar 90
Din: Grilled pork chop 220
Boiled potatoes 100
Veg 30
Yorkshire pudding 57
Muller light 86
Sn: Walkers baked 99
TOTAL: 1221 - 100% :D
OH yesterday was a bad bad day!!! I was sort of ok up to early afternoon, I suffer from really bad pmt and had been fighting with it all week but hadn't been too bad. Yesterday it exploded! Had a argument with hubby over a lost letter of his, so I shouted and screamed, then cried! Then kids were being naughty, so I was getting really mad by then! Although kids didn't argue and all went straight to bed on time lol, hubby went out fishing. So I spent most of evening binging and sobbing over nothing. God I hate pmt! Really do. Luckily feel a lot lot better this morning (well apart from stomach cramps and feeling sick :() as AF has arrived lol! So yesterday was complete write off, not even going to add up what I ate, can't really remember what I had anyway :eek:

But today is another day! Although we're off again for a couple of days tomorrow to visit hubby's family. Think it's going to be impossible to stick with any sort of diet. But will be back Friday eve so only a couple of days. I really haven't been sticking on my plan too well lately, but come Saturday that will be it, going to get back with it and go for it!!!
Today's been good :)

TUES: (1258)
Water: 3 litres (at mo, will be more!)
Br: Straw SF 217
Sn: Tesco biscuit & raisin bar 90
Lun: Choc SF 223
Sn: Cheweee bar 91
Banana 95
Din: Grilled pork chop 220
Veg and boiled potatoes 130
Muller light 102
Sn: Raisin and biscuit bar 90
Well done Stirky - you've done brilliantly getting back on it between going away. The temptation to stay in holiday mode must be huge! And your bad day yesterday sounded awful so getting back on the horse today is a double achievement.
Thanks Princess! Yes I was rather tempted to say stuff it this week and stay in holiday mode, especially after yesterday. But I think if I'd done that I'd be more tempted to stay in holiday mode when I get back on Saturday! Not planning on overdoing it, but don't know what the relatives have in mind, eating in or meal out etc. But will try and be good! Didn't over do it too much last week, so see if I can continue!
Well it's Saturday, back from hols and right back on plan today :) Feel good to be able to get on track again, hate not being able to stick to it although did enjoy a bit of time off lol. Have another week of kids being at home and I am determined to have a 100% week :D Decided not to weigh in until Friday, was going to weigh in this morning (day late for me) but chickened out lol. Will just leave it until next week and hope for the best hehehe! I just don't want to see any squatters, which I think I might have if I'd weighed in today. Cheating maybe, but I'm sure I can reverse any damage (if there is any!) in a week :)
SAT 29th: Total 1307 100% Yay!

Water: 3 litres

Br: Choc SF 223
Sn: Cheweee bar 91
Lun: Straw SF 217
Sn: 3 x ryvita with cheese spread and cucumber 126
Din: WW Tagliatelle bolognese 300
Lettuce and baby tomatoes 25
Tesco l/choices mini green olive and rosemary ciabatta 80
Apple 66
Muller light 86
Sn: Tesco Crispy orange bar 93
Sunday, good day today been 100%! Just need to get back into my exercise again! Currently sat with henna on my hair so that's my excuse tonight lol as has to be left for 2 hours! Planning exercise tomorrow tho! Also had calories left tonight so had some extra snacks, yummy! I always feel like I'm cheating in a way when I've done that as feels like a bit of a binge! Weird how our brains work!

Water: 3 litres

Br: Straw SF 217
Sn: Tesco raisin and biscuit bar 90
Lun: Choc SF 223
Sn: Banana 95
Din: WW Chicken Arrabiata 221
Salad 35
Tesco l/choices mini green olive and rosemary ciabatta 80
Mini Choc twister 40
Sn: Cheweee bar 91
Tesco crispy ornage bar 93
3 x crispbakes (57) with spread (19) and 3 x chicken slices (36)
Well pah! :booboo: Had a bad day yesterday! I was doing so well, then my mum popped in with cookies! I wasn't going to have any, but looked so nice and ended up having 4 of the darn things in the end :( That just started me off then and got the munchies in the evening :sigh: So ended a not good August (only lost 1 misely pound all bloomin month, but at least I didn't put any on!) with a very not good day lol!

MON (Bank holiday): (2045 :mad:) :break_diet:
Water: 3 litres
Br: Straw SF 217
Sn: 3 x ryvita with cheese spread and cucumber 110
Lun: Choc SF 223
Sn: Apple 66
2 x cookies 250 :argh:
Din: Grilled pork chop 220
Boiled potatoes 100
Veg 30
Yorkshire pud 57
2 x cookies 250 :sign0007:
Eve: Walkers baked 99
1 slice toast with spread 150 :eek:
Walkers noraml crisps 131 :cry:
Choc biscuit 142 :sigh:

But that was yesterday, and here's today :D New month too and I'm getting right back on track with the new month and going to do it!! Too much slacking around recently! :whoopass:
Good day today! Yay!

TUES: (1329) 100% and exercise woo-hoo!

Water: 3 1/2 litres

Exercise: 45 min Davina Super Sculpt workout :D

Br: Straw SF 217
Sn: Biscuits 104
Lun: Choc SF 223
Sn: Banana 95
Din: Beans on toast with 1 x small sausage 473
Strawberries 14
Sn: 3 x crispbakes with cheese spread and cucumber 117
Muller light 86
Well feeling really good this morning :D Isn't it weird how doing exercise makes you feel so much better and less hungry, but we all think it's such a chore to go and do it?! Once I get into the swing of doing it regulary I actually look forward to doing it, it's just if you stop it's hard to get back into the swing of it again.

I can feel the exercise on my stomach this morning, not hurting but can feel the muscles (there are some in there somewhere!) have pulled in a bit and it's feeling a bit tighter. Ha I've been looking at it this morning thinking it's got smaller, prob hasn't but making me feel good lol! More exercise tonight me thinks!

Had my SF shake for breakie, and think I'll go and have an apple now for snack :)

I have been reading on the other board about the Johnsons Up Day Down Day diet and I think I might try his out for a few weeks and see how it goes. Definitely seem to have hit a plateau with SF and this might just give my metabolism the boost it needs to get going again! You can use SF products on it, and I wouldn't desert SF altogether as I do love it. Just thinking about doing it for a few weeks then prob come back to SF again after that. Will wait til kids go back to school tho, normality returns then and my days get back into a routine which is so much easier for me to stick to any kind of plan.
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Great day today :D

I went out just before lunch and it was pouring with rain, so came back cold and wet and fancied something other than a shake for lunch. But that's the great thing with SF you can do that, I always keep WW soups in the cupboard for this reason, also sometimes have one for dinner if I've gone a bit over during a day. Handy to have and yummy too, I love soup :)

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