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Stitchy's weight loss diary!


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Hello Everyone! *waves*

I'm new here, although I've lurked for a bit and posted a couple of times :D

I have just over 2 stone to lose, and have decided that I think SW is the way to go. I'm doing it at home on my own rather than going to classes, because I can't afford it at the moment...

I'm trying to to think of it more as a lifestyle change rather than a diet. I want and need to treat myself better - I'm a total comfort eater, and need to get out of the cycle of being miserable, eating rubbish in an attempt to make myself feel better, and then feeling worse about myself :cry:

So, anyway, I'm a veggie so I'll be on green days.... :D Everything's planned out for the next few days, and I'm trying to figure out what to do about some BBQs at the weekend :cool:

Day 1 (today!)

Crunchy Bran (HEXB) with skimmed milk (HEXA), strawberries and 1 banana

Pasta with Ricotta (HEXB) and tomatoes and cucumber
Freddo (5 syns)

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine (4 syns for some raisins, oil and stock) with chickpea couscous (this was a very tasty tea!)

Snacks - Apples and...err a bit of cheese that I had because I was hungry before cooking tea and I had a HEXA left. Wrapped it in lettuce with some salad cream (1 syn).

It's time for bed now - looking forward to getting to know you all :D
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I'm feeling very positive after a good first day. Here's my plan for today:

Day 2

Crunchy Bran (HEXB) with milk (HEXA), strawberries and a banana

Leftover vegetable tagine with couscous, salad (5 syns for raisins, oil and stock and a bit of salad cream on the salad)
Small packet of Jammie Dodgers (4 syns)

Spaghetti with Quorn Bolognese and cheese (HEXA)

Fruit, cashew nuts (HEXB)

Hoping to go for a run with hubby this evening too :)
Hi Stitchy!!!

Thanks for your post in my diary and good luck with your journey as well. Do you have a recipe for the Quorn Bolognese? We finally got Quorn here in the States and the local market has it on sale to get folks to try it...I'd rather spend a couple of dollars less when I'm trying it out.



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Erm, I'm a bit rubbish with recipes because I tend to just make them up and throw stuff in the pan, without remembering amounts or timings as you will see below... :D

Fry an onion and carrot, add garlic and chopped peppers. When soft, add in a tin of tomatoes (or passata), quorn mince, mushrooms (or whatever other veg you fancy) and some italian mixed herbs. Add some stock and tomato puree if you have the syns... or maybe even red wine! A glug of balsamic vinegar gives it a nice richness too and it's free :D
Then simmer it til it's ready :D


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We did go for a 25 min run yesterday, so I'm feeling positive :D

Day 3

Crunchy Bran (HEXB) with skimmed milk (HEXA) and strawberries

Cheese (HEXA) sandwich on nimble bread (HEXB) with 0.5tbsp of light salad cream (1syn)
Carrot and cucumber sticks, pepper strips
Giant buttons (4syns)

Gigantes (Butter beans, tomatoes, tomato puree 0.5 syns, olive oil 3 syns)
New potatoes
Probably some salad or something



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The plan for day 4:

Day 4

Crunchy Bran (HEB) with skimmed milk (HEA) and strawberries and raspberries

Leftovers from dinner last night
Alpen light (0.5 HEB)

Vegetable Chilli and Rice

Fruit, other alpen light bar

I think I'll have 15 syns today, for some crisps and 2 gin and slimline tonics at the pub quiz tonight :D

Hopefully also doing a run this evening before dinner :)


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So we didn't go for that run on Thursday (or today, for that matter!) as we are both really lazy. Food-wise, everything's been good though. I've had a sneaky WI too and it appears I have lost something at least... :D

Day 5

Crunchy Bran (B) with skimmed milk (A) and raspberries

Bread (B) with cheese (A) and salad cream (2)
Small pack of animal biscuits (5)

Potato,spinach, mushroom, lentil curry (sort of).


I have BBQs tomorrow AND Sunday :confused: I've planned to use both of my HEBs for wholemeal bread rolls, and one HEXA for 2 slices of dairylea light slices. I've made some free pasta salad too, and will syn some quorn sausages and so on :D
Hey you,

Well done on sticking to SW for the week - especially at BBQs. I tend to do the same - have 2 rolls as a HexB and sometimes syn a third one. Hope you enjoyed the BBQs.

What day are you weighing in? It must be around now. Good luck, but it doesn't sound like you need it - you seem like you've been well on track all week.

Let me know if you want any of my SW recipes - I do mainly veggie these days (and they're so nice that hubby doesn't even mind the lack of meat)

Thanks you two :D

I WI on Sundays (I don't know why I picked Sunday...) and I lost 3lb! I'm very pleased :). The BBQs went well and I stuck to the plans I made.

Plan for today:

Shredded wheat superfruity (a HEXB according to the magazine, with a ryvita) with strawberries and a banana and milk (HEXA), and the ryvita

Cheese (HEXA) sandwich (HEXB) with salad cream (2), small packet of mini jammy dodgers (4.5)

Chickpea and vegetable tagine with raisins (2) and couscous

Apples as snacks :D
Nice job on the 3lbs, Stitchy. It is great that you are planning ahead of time for BBQ's and Pub Quiz nights. It's usually at those social events where I have a rough time at it. But you seem to be doing well. Keep it up!!
Thanks. I'm ok with planning for social events when I'm in control of what I will eat.
I'm going to a wedding on Friday though, and I have no idea what is on the menu. I presume it's going to be a 3 course sit down meal, and I guess it's going to involve cheese :rolleyes: . We're also going for a family meal the nigth before, in the hotel where we are staying. Again, I have no idea what they will have. There's no menu online :confused:. Being veggie, I also don't tend to get a lot of choice at places like that. I reckon it'll be goat's cheese tart for starters and a risotto for mains :D.

The plan for today:

Crunchy Bran (B) with milk (A), strawberries and a banana

Leftover tagine from yesterday (2 syns for raisins)
Chocolate buttons (5)

Leek and Pea pasta (0.5 HEB for Philadelphia)

Thankyou tillymax :D

I'm back from down south now, where I went to a wedding on Friday. This means that I was off plan for a few days, but still tried to be sensible :)

The menu on Thursday night was Watercress and Garlic Soup, followed by some sort of vegetable and bean stew, and a white chocolate dessert thing. One glass of wine with the meal, and one gin and slimline tonic afterwards :D

On the day of the wedding - fruit and cereal for breakfast, and a slice of toast with marmite. The wedding meal was some sort of red pepper and mozarella terrine, then a brie and beetroot wellington with veg and potatoes, and a lemon tart with ice cream. Too much wine with the meal :eek:

Despite all that, I lost 2lb this week :D I think the small portions and expensive drinks prices saved the day :D

Plan for today:

Crunchy Bran (B) with milk (A) and fruit

Sandwich (B) with Cheese (A) and Salad Cream (2)
Jammy Dodgers (4.5)

Leak and Pea Pasta (2.5)
Thanks. I was quite surprised :) It is really hard to stay on plan when going away, especially when you have no choice in what you get to eat and you don't know in advance.

I see you've already chosen your meal for Saturday :D I think I might have the chilli... :confused:

Plan for today:

Cereal (B), Milk (A) and Fruit

Leek and Pea Pasta (2.5)
One biscuit (3.5)

Vegetable and lentil curry with rice

Apples, Ryvita (B) and cheese (A)
Erm... I put on the 2lb that I lost last week :p :eek: No complaints, I fully deserved it. I had a rubbish few days (boredom, worry about a stupid interviews...) and went complelety off track. And a meal out...

I suppose it's still 3lb in 3 weeks, so that's still ok. I'm just struggling to get back on track now, because I'm still bored. Work aren't finding me any work to do.... :(

On the plus side, we played badminton at the weekend which was nice. We also went for a walk in the countryside, so that was good :D

As for the leek and pea pasta - boil pasta. Meanwhile, fry sliced leek and peas. When pasta is boiled, mix with leeks, peas, garlic and herb philly light and some of the pasta water. Dead easy :D

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