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Stomach Aches and pains

Not sure hun, but I did sometimes get it but only from slendertone. If it's bad enough for painkillers perhaps you should get it checked at the doctors? Are you doing more exercise, could it be muscular?
Don't mean to scare you hun but the rib pain sounds like gallstones. I had them last year and the pain was under my ribs but I could feel it into my stomach and through to my back at times.
If I were you I would get yourself down to your GPs just to get it checked out. They can confirm if it's gallstones by a simple ultrasound.
I have gallstones and waiting for my scan in two weeks, the pain im getting is like an aching muscle pain like ive spent the day at the gym when im only doing arms and legs exercise every other day.

Just wondered if being bigger before than i am, if its connected to my muscles being stretched etc and now the stomach is way smaller if its to do with that, will def get it checked out though.

Im back on my diet as i over endulged and ended up with gallstones the diet is keeping it check and not had an attack for four weeks now thankfully.

Thank you for helping guys x
I really suspect it's your gallstones hun. I always described mine to people as feeling like the worst stitch of your life.
I spent 4 months popping co-codamol every few hours until I had my gallbladder taken out as well.
do you think this is the same, my gallstones attacks had me in an ambulance with suspected heart attack I had three attacks in one night, worst night of my life was that, I couldnt even stand up, lay down or move, the only way I could get comfy was on my hands and knees rocking it was awful.

Going to get an appointment tomorrow though to check it out, they are already taking my gallbladder out soon so dreading that.

Thank you xx
No problem hun. You really have my sympathy gallstone are horrid little things!:mad:
I never had an attack as bad as your original one sounds but after I had my first one I spent the 4 months waiting for my op in the same kind of pain you're discribing now and having to pop pills like they were sweets.
You've done the best thing getting back on the diet though as seen as they have virtually 0 fat content ss is a brilliant way of keeping the attacks under control.;)
Good luck with your scan in a couple of weeks.:hug99:
Will let you know what they say, again thanx x
Any news hunnie - did you go to the dr?
Hi guys spoke to my doctor, she told my the pains i getting is because of the amount of weight ive lost off my stomach and my muscles have been stretched that far they are now just hanging there so thats the aching feeling im getting. She will refer me to the hospital to see a surgeon etc, think I will wait to lose more weight first.

I have read on here yesterday another lady who is having the same problems and she is having it sorted out now she has lost all her weight and they TT her flap at the bottom of her stomach as well as the op was classed as non cosmetic, now that would be nice.

Dont feel as bad now I know what it is:p
Goodness me, I learn something new everyday! With my background in nursing (limited, because I have worked in one speciality for too long), I think a GP like yours sounds very well informed - I would never have thought of how weight loss brings about these kind of physical changes - glad you are now feeling more reassured and positive x
At least it is nothing major and can be corrected with surgery and not permanent:D
Hey you, glad to hear that it's something resolvable. Be lovely to be able to get a TT through NHS as well.
haha im not holding my breath apart the TT part but seems a waste while there down there, so will lose all my weight first and then go back and see what can be done, fingers crossed.

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