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stomach acid

hey everyone , i need some advice really.

im here on the cd diet as i have a gastric band that has failed.
part of having a gastric band means as very minimal food goes into my stomach that acid build up is a problem.
a few months ago i nearly put myself in hospital becasue of it getting very bad.
i went back to my surgeon who had to release my band as the only cure for such a build up was to eat food.
he also prescribed me some very strong anti acid pills.

since then he tightened my band again and so i can only eat minimal food.
Im now on the cd diet as, as i said before the band doesnt work for me, since iv been having the shakes i stupidly thought i wouldnt need my pills.
today my acid is very bad its hurting my backk and my ribs and can feel it rising in my throat.
i know the only way to calm it is to eat .
its going to have to be food that will soak it up and obviously nothing spicy etc.
then i will need to take my pills as i should of been and carry on cd for as long as i can without this happening.

iv worried about the eating part though i know i have to do it but im really worried about my WI and i dont want to be dissapointed with myself.

i dont know what im asking of you guys really i think its reaqssurance that i shouldnt feel guilty if i do .
im not going to get myself a chinese or anything ill probably have an omellete or something but still i dont know:sigh:
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iv been doing ss, if i was to do ss+ for a few days until it calms down will i still have weight loss at the end of the week?
How about making a soup/shake up quite thick so there's still room to absorb some water. Or perhaps make a mousse or have a bar if you've got them?

Otherwise try some veg, cauliflower strikes me as 'the absorbent type!!'. A small meal of chicken and cauliflower, or a mushroom omelette won't hurt your loss as long as you stop there.

Hope it gets better for you Hun

iv just finished my omelette , i read that 2 eggs ans 2 mushrooms would be allowed on ss+, so hopefully ill still loose im stuffed now so wont be eating anything else !!

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
Split the shakes into 2 portions so less is going in you stomach. I find the only thing that works for acid when I get it is 1/2 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a bit of water and down the hatch. Old fashioned but it works! :D
hey! i don't want to be pedantic..and this post might be deleted anyway as I'm linking to another forum lol which I don't know if is allowed, but check this out:

New guidance from Cambridge Medical Department regarding the above procedures:

A customer who has undergone a bariatric procedure such as a gastric band or bypass will not be able to use a Cambridge programme. These individuals must be managed and reviewed by their Bariatric Unit, or GP. If there is support from the customer’s medical team exceptions to this rule can be made but a Medical Enquiry Form should be submitted to assess such cases. Our programmes and products are not formulated for use after bariatric surgery and the customers who fall into this group have complex medical and behavioural food issues that need to be medically managed. We are having a discussion with medical and dietetic experts on this specific issue at the moment to determine how best to approach the needs of this group. Thus this guidance may change in the future.

Weightplanners Forum - Gastric Band or Gastric Bypass

its copied from the above thread in the official CD forum

p.s. I'm really sorry if you know all this and have already been assessed and approved by your counsillor!
I have a bad reflux action which makes me get really bad gastic acid when I have anything too citrusy or dry wine/dry sparkly wine - best to ensure you always stick to the prescription from the doctor - it may be even for the rest of your life.

Im really sad to hear the gastric band didnt take - I nearly went for the op myself last January - got as far as the last apointment before it was underway and chickened out due to the fact the morbidity rate was 200/1 which isnt very good odds. Think I made the right decision in the end as its not easy to live with after the surgery.

May be a good idea to speak to a Dietician and see what you can/cant eat to make sure you dont get this acid reoccurring as said before I know how bad it gets and it takes days/weeks for it to clear up and it hurts like hell.

Good luck xx

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