Stomach full, head hungry

Discussion in 'Low Carb Diets' started by Suedefan, 16 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Suedefan

    Suedefan Full Member

    Does anyone else get like this? I know I can't be hungry, but mentally :mad: . Just finished a cup of herbal tea and sat chewing the inside of my mouth (a very bad habit of mine). Constantly thinking about food and what I can eat.

    Hey, power of posting - I am now not feeling so starving and the thought of eating more is making me feel a little ill :jelous:
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  3. Suedefan

    Suedefan Full Member

    You are very disciplined :) I am teaching myself to leave the kitchen table (I appear to live in the kitchen, I may move my bed in ;)). Not feeling so hungry theses days, loving this diet.
  4. xTindrax

    xTindrax New Member

    Try chewing gum or drinking some water? I know it's hard.
  5. upndown

    upndown Gold Member

    Know exactly what u mean - I seem to live my life planning the next meal - having eaten it - planning next one etc etc!! I can't keep any high calorie food in the house - I even ask my hubby to take any 'treats' to work with him cos I can't be trusted not to scoff the lot in one go!

    Also agree that the power of posting is amazing - I've found things much easier since I joined here on Jan 2 tho' - long may it continue! Good luck to u on ur weight loss journey!
  6. Suedefan

    Suedefan Full Member

    Hi Updown, I think I must have found my ideal diet (Harcombe). I don't get hungry like I used to and don't spend most of the day thinking about food. I don't even worry so much about when we eat and if I'm busy, we all eat late, my children are perfectly capable of raiding the cupboards if they need a snack (plenty of fruit, nuts and seeds around for them).

    I have even missed meals and not worried, telling myself I will eat something on the plan later, rather than grab a chocolate bar on the go. I am loosing steadily (1lb a week), but having homemade treats, the occasional beer and lots of ice cream (it's been so hot here).

    Looks like you are doing well too, good luck, keep at it, hope it gets easier :)
  7. upndown

    upndown Gold Member

    Thanks - what is the Harcombe diet please - I've not heard of it.
  8. Suedefan

    Suedefan Full Member

    I did a quick search on the internet, trying to find a diet that would suit me and I could live happily with. I came across an article explaining that their are 3 reasons why we gain weight. The first 5 days of the diet (phase 1) takes care of that and phase 2 allows you to eat a more varied diet. Basically it is back to eating real food, whole food and not counting calories. I eat plenty of meat, cream, eggs and cook with butter. I am really enjoying the food and when I don't quite stick to plan, it's usually still with good healthy home baking, rather than processed rubbish. I feel so much healthier and have a lot more energy than I did before I started - loving it :)
  9. upndown

    upndown Gold Member

    Sounds perfect - will have a look into that - well done on ur progress!
  10. I started my diet today.. and I honestly can't stop thinking about eating lol ... I saw a pack of biscuits earlier and thought "Ohh just one" - (Thankfully I didn't)
    Water doesn't stop me from feeling hungry :cry:
  11. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    DD - if you are just starting a low carb diet then it's important to eat MORE low carb food while you are withdrawing from sugar. Help yourself to meat/fat as a snack! Once ketosis kicks in, your appetite will drop but it's vital you don't have even one biscuit at this point. Good luck:)
  12. gilfreddy

    gilfreddy Member

    I'll second using chewing gum. It's worked wonders for me.

    The motion of chewing psychologically fills you up :)
  13. Everhopeful

    Everhopeful " If at First".....

    I was 'head hungry' yesterday & ended up eating a WW Sweet & Sour Chicken meal :wave_cry: I must be nuts!

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