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Stomach Pains

I find I get a lot fewer stomach aches since I've been on SW; I used to have pretty much constant indigestion.

If you're feeling worried about your tummy aches, perhaps keep a food diary and note down when your pains come on? Then you might be able to spot a pattern. (With me, for example, I know that if I eat more fibre than usual, that usually upsets my tum.)

Another thought: have you been doing more exercise than usual, or doing sit-ups? I find a food-related stomach ache can often be indistinguishable from a strained/overworked-muscle stomach ache.
When I dieted when I was younger I used to get it all the time, it was agonising. In those days Id have an apple or a tin of peas for lunch and that was it.

Nowadays eating so much more on SW I dont get them so I dont know if its just not eating enough, I used to feel like my stomach was digesting itself :sigh:


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I've been suffering from sporadic pains too. I've checked my food diary from when it hurts and narrowed it down to when I had a lot of pasta or strawberries. I didn't eat a lot of pasta before sw so maybe mine is starchy carbs. Also, I started on the whole scan bran last week and it's worked wonders. Only had a mild ache this week opposed to crippling pain week before.
I seem to have started getting tum pains if i eat white bread, not good at all .... then on saturday I was out for a meal with family and had a couple of chips which had been fried and by the time i had driven home, i was in agony so I dont know but will keep an eye on things and like someone else posted, keep a food diary to see if there is a trigger xx

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