Stomach pains....

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by melliepigpog, 8 July 2008 Social URL.

  1. melliepigpog

    melliepigpog Full Member

    Hi all - in my third week of ss and all going well apart from the regular attacks of sharp stomach pains, high up in my stomach. I have suffered the last two week with severe constipation (sorry guys!) followed by diarreah (again I apologise) so it could be I need to get the fibre 89 in my system (collecting from CDC on friday) but wondered if anyone else is/was/has suffered with the same pains at all?
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  3. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    I got really bad pains once and i think i was a bit constipated but the pains were more in the might have gallstones? thats what it sounds like "regular attacks" I had these, is it like you are bent over in pain hun?

  4. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Silver Member

  5. festivalfairy

    festivalfairy Finally a size 12!

    Im having the same today came on last night!!
  6. melliepigpog

    melliepigpog Full Member

    thanks - but not gallstones as had these out 2 years ago (horrendous little blighters!). I think related to constipation to be honest - even though I dont feel the urge to go :)
  7. amethyst

    amethyst Banned

    hi yes i get those pains too, really uncomfrotable, it is something to do with intestine...

    but since i have been having psylium husks every day with my morning shake (made thick into a porridge) i have been ok..

    and regular and proper!

    hope you feel better soon, i know exactly how you feel .. not nice at all..
  8. Chitty

    Chitty Silver Member

    I get a few stomach pains tooo, feel a bit funny with them....

    Question, what is the CD 100% club, and wow how do you win CD slimmer of the week....
    XXX Chit
  9. Gilly28

    Gilly28 Full Member

    Howdy - Are you eating the bars cos they can give you 'wind' pain and some awful noises can come from your abdomen...

    Most bars do that to me but the peanut and cranberry are OK:p
  10. saraian24

    saraian24 Gold Member

    I had to whip the ole max strength senokot out myself this week due to feeling crap - so your not alone! bless ya and hope you feel well soon!

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