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Stooopid little man


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So I went out on friday night on a complete high because I had managed to fit into a siae 10 skirt form Zara that was ridiculously short and people actually said it looked good, was feeling great until some idiot walked upt o me looking all gooey and asked when the baby was due. W***er, and to top it off I was smoking a cigarette, some people should not be allowed to talk to other people. Also my jacket was a size ten, how the hell would I squeeze a pregnant belly into a size ten???
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what a P**k!!!

I get that all the time but I weigh 16stone:eek:, what the hell is up with these people???

I'm sure that you look bloody fabulous, please, please try to forget it hun, some people are THICK!!



getting slimmer
bet he was just being a pr*ck infront of his mates and trying to "show off"

bet you looked gorgeous and he was just jealous he could never get with you!!

size 10??!!
i cant wait!

well done you xx
Just makes you realize what a lot of w*nkers there are out there, don't give it a second thought, he just isn't worth it - what a waste of space!


a new way of living!
obviously knew that you were out of his league, men can be horrid when they want something that they cant have.

i always get that said to me, but i am working on it!

dont let it get you down, you are way out of his league anyway so who cares what he thinks! ;)


on the up lol
men ey.........
i bet he wanted u , but chickend out at last min, so insted of u telling him to p*** off he got in first, .... size 10 bet u look great enjoy ;)


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Thanks guys. The worst thing, he was about 6 inches shorter than me and I'm only 5'3" and he had yellow teeth.


This is the last time!!
Only one retort to be had, so remember it for next time, even though I doubt you have any weight to lose!
I may have a pound to lose, weight can be lost easily.
You however, little man, are pure and plain ugly. That will never change.

Then, walk away without a second glance.
Me and 2 friends (slim and pretty) were in a club, walking through the crowd. These 2 guys made lewd comments to my friends, and then kicked me and told me i shouldnt be allowed out as I was too fat!! YUP KICKED ME!! I just walked away with tears in my eyes....that happened years ago and i still remember it so clearly i would know the 2 guys if i saw them again. But would they remember me?? I doubt it.....their silly 30 secs of being mean has stayed with me for all these years...amazing how strangers have the power to hurt us.
Dont let his unjustified and idiotic comment have even a moments more space in your memory bank...not remotely worth it. I shall rejoice the day i reach a size 10 and woe betide ANY one who comments on my appearance when I do :) you go girl and well done on the weight loss x
sounds like little man syndrome LOL ignore the loser like you said some people should just not be allowed to talk to others.


I can't believe how cruel and mindless some people can be - he clearly has self-esteem issues to make a comment like that. Not worth typing or thinking about....grrr
what a tosser! something simular happened to me few months back

i was out at a club sitting down talkin to my ex, this girl just randomly came upto me and asked if i was pregnant, i said no and told her to f*** off! it really put a downer on my night, infact i blamed my ex for puttin her up2 it, as she was tryin to get into him allnight! i hid in the toilets the rest of the night!

people can be so cruel, i mean theres just no need!!


You just never think you'll need a few 'comebacks' ready do you. It's easy to think of some after the event, like..."yes thanks and it's his, so you should stop oogling him - it's quite sad to look so desperate"
You just never think you'll need a few 'comebacks' ready do you. It's easy to think of some after the event, like..."yes thanks and it's his, so you should stop oogling him - it's quite sad to look so desperate"
haha thats brilliant, i wish i thought of that now!
we never did get back together in the end! found out hes got a new girlfriend since me yesterday, absolutely gutted!


Ah that's a shame but you'll find someone even better - I'm sure of it.

As for thinking of comebacks they're soooo easy to do AFTER the event aren't they?

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