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stopped losing weight!

hi everybody,

this is my first post on here, i didn't really know where i should put this so feel free to move it!

i have been looking through this forum for a few weeks and have decided to ask all you lovely people for some advice if you dont mind...

things started off fine with my weight loss, and since christmas i have lost around 16lbs but for the past 3 weeks i have been stuck there!

i am getting married in july and i think that i would like to lose another stone, but i dont really know how to get out of my rut.

i cut out all the junk from my diet and that seemed to work and now...nothing!

at the moment i am eating:
for breakfast...bran flakes with semi skimmed milk
lunch...low cal cup a soup with 2 whole grain ryvitas
snack...either a shape yogurt or a snack a jack
dinner...this week have just being having a bowl of veg or dahl (indian lentil dish)

what am i doing wrong?

i seem to have toned up more as i have been doing an exercise dvd...i am ashamed to say once a week...and going for a long walk once a week...do you think its because i am not exercising enough?

also around the time that i stopped losing weight i had started to trying to drink as much water as i could...if this helps

any advice is much appreciated and i would also like to say WOW! peoples weight loss on here is incredible! congratulations to you all!
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Most people here have acheived the great losses with assistance. Have you tried joining a slimming group? Sometimes its easier if you have some guidance.


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Sometimes in many plans, you do reach a plateau. It's your body adjusting to what you are doing. It might be an idea to shake things up a bit - change some of the food you are eating. The exercise seems fine, and of course you will tone up as you do it - some people find that when they are losing inches they don't lose pounds. Welcome to Minimins btw :wavey:


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Hiya paperface and welcome :)

Your daily calorie amount is very low (about 400-500?), so you likely to be in starvation mode where your body is clinging hold of any calories and storing them in case you stop eating altogether.

Try eating some more...it usually works...really!
really? i thought that i was being healthy!!! obviously not! i have noticed that inches have come off by certain clothes being baggy...

when i cut out all the junk and was really strict, after about 3 week i got used to it and im not that hungry anymore...

i do eat fruit as well and yoghurt as snacks...seem to have left that out...oh well...ill have to eat more then lol

thank you very much for the welcome,
everyone is so nice on here...im more of a lurker that anything...but thank you for your advice x


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hi and welcome.

I am at this stage too, i am stuck with my weightloss and don't seem to be shifting anymore weight, it's really annoying isn't it. the only thing i have done is cut down what i am eating and stop when i feel satisfied instead of full. I am doing an workout dvd once a week as it really knacker me, i have also started drinking green tea and that believe it or not has helped.

I think that what other people are syaing about eating more as your body is in starvation mode is right as that is wht i found my body done.

good luck and keep us all posted on your progress.


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I think that the support of a slimming group would be a good idea as already suggested as it really keeps me going.

Another thing to note is that we're always being told about how important it is to vary what you eat. There are two reasons; one is just that if you eat similar or the same things then you'll get bored and give up. The most important though is that your body gets used to it. every once in a while it needs something new to deal with so that it has to work harder to get rid of it...maybe it'd help to shake things up a bit!


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