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Strange Feeling At Back Of Mouth

Hey guys :)
I was just wondering if anyone else on Lipotrim is having or has had a strange feeling in the back of their mouth/start of their throat? I've been getting it for about a week and a half now....feels like there's fluff stuck at the start of my throat, it's quite irritating. I was wondering if it could be something to do with not eating solid foods?
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Sounds like the dreaded fuzzy tongue!! I have suffered with that during this diet and the only way to deal with it is to up your water, use a Tongue scraper and listerine original mouthwash. That will sort it out!! Good luck.
yep, had it for weeks! Feeling something was stuck in my throat but nothing there...
There is no getting rid of it, drinking more water doesn't help. The only thing that stopped it a bit for me was gargling with salty water. :)


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Oh, no... :( I'm afraid you may be one of just a few of us that have/had that - I thought I was going mad until I saw that Lesley and another woman called Kay had it too. It's freaky and damn annoying, but for what it's worth, you do get used to it a bit. I find it more noticable when I go to bed, possibly because there aren't so many distractions, then.

The good news is, it goes away when you start eating again. I had a break a few weeks ago and it disappeared completely! Yay! :D It's taken a couple of weeks of being back on 100% for it to come back, but for now it's not quite as bad as it was.

I've never had the guts to try the salt-water gargling, but it might be worth a go if you're desperate... :)

Best of luck,
Marianne x


No longer "Overweight" !
Lesley! I just noticed how close you are to your goal! Well done... :happy036:

Is that your final goal, or just a mini-one? If it's final, you'll be getting rid of the lump in your throat soon, I guess? :D
hey Marianne :)
It's just a mini goal. I'm actually off the TFR now and trying to go it alone...getting on okay, and the lump has gone!! :) :)
Look at you go! You must be so pleased!
It was in the evening i noticed it most too. Urgh, god it drove me insane!
Keep it up though ladies, great job you are all doing x


No longer "Overweight" !
Ooh, good luck with whatever you're doing then, Lesley - hope it carries on working for you...

Yes, I'm unbelievably pleased - literally! I can't believe I'm sitting here in a size 10 skirt, when I was about an 18 just 4 months ago. :)

Take care, sweetheart, and best of luck...
I have that lump in the back of my throat too! I thought it was just me. glad in a way that you gals have it too! and please to hear it will go away once we start eating again.

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