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Strawberry cheescake yummy!


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Hi all,

I used a recipe on here i had spotted to make the strawberry cheesecake didnt think it would work at all but i couldnt mock it it was delicious!!

I couldnt find 'graham crackers' so just got morrisons east smart digestives which were 63kcal a biscuit (so dont quote me on it but 3 syns or just over a biscuit) as i couldnt find these ones on SW website but unbranded low fat digestive were 3.5 syns each.

I used 8 biscuits which totalled 28 syns for the base.

The recipe did say to use 2tsp low fat spread for 3 syns but i used frylight and it worked a treat :) for a base!...so that saved me another 3 syns and it didnt stick to the tin either :)

A pot of strawberry mullerlight (normal 190g pot)
227g of quark (although it does say 300g but the tub i used was the biggest they had in stock)

2 eggs
1 tsp of vanilla essence
and 1/2 cup of sweetener.

Make your base breaking up 8 digestives into crumbs and then add frylight and make your base.

Then mix your quark, strawberry mullerlight, 2 eggs and vanilla essence together and then pour on top.

Place in oven for approx 30 mins on gas mark 3/160

Leave to cool and then place in fridge to chill.

And hey presto....enjoy!

I managed to make mine into 8 slices and they were decent sized portions to (lovely with fresh strawberries :))

Syns per slice= 3.5 :).....i hope thats right! :)
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Here it is :) i should of taken a picture when i added fresh strawberries with my portion but i forgot doh! :) but its got a lovely strawberry taste to it and the base is lovely and soft :) (but thats how i like it, dont do crunchy haha) and the topping is cheesecake/ moussy like yummy! :) x



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Hi :)
I did try to find the post again to quote it and tell everybody who created it but i couldnt find it im glad you've posted on here i really enjoyed thank you :) x


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Ohh ok thank you I'll give this a shot then.

I've tried so many desserts costing a fortune and I've not really been too fussed on most of them because of either the quark or the sweetner replacing the sugar eliments!


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Well it is sweet but im so used to sweetener now i hope you enjoy it :) this is the first one ive liked as ive previously tried cheesecake recipes that use gelatine and didnt like the texture at all this topping is so much more cheesecake like :)! I thought it done it wrong at one point wen i mixed the yog, quark etc as it was really runny but i should of had more faith it turned out lovely! X
This looks yummy. I tried to make it but then froze it (because it was too much just for me and was going to take it to my friends house for dessert) but when defrosted it was horrible so next time I shall get the correct biscuits (will definitely use fry lite to save some syns that's a good idea) and the eat my piece straight away :) x
beccaharrison89 said:
can you use any biscuits do you think ?? as i am wanting to make it today but only got shortcake biscuits in ???
I tried it with shortcake biscuits and it wasn't the best and the base fell apart... I am going to try it again with the digestives and see if it was the biscuit or just me :) haha x
beccaharrison89 said:
Ok thanks hun let us no how it goes and then i will do it with the right biscuits haha
Just made it and it's in the fridge chilling. It looks good but now I think I could of done with a smaller tin or more mixture because it's very flat haha :) x

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