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Stressed Jaw!? Eh?


Warning-Contains Nuts

Not weight related, but fits into the 'head sorting out the body' catagory......

I've had pain in all the muscles down one side of my face and jaw for a few weeks now, my doctor says I am locking my jaw and clenching my teeth in my sleep due to stress, and suggested I get a mouth guard from the dentist to sleep in.

I've found out that this will need to be specially fitted and extremely expensive, plus I now live 150 miles from my dentist...so not easy to sort out :(

I looked at getting a cheaper sports one, but apparently it may choke me while I sleep so not a good idea!!

Has anyone else experienced this and managed to improve things? The lady I spoke to at boots seemed to think it was quite common?

Any tips for relieving stress?
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Hey Munkypooh, I have TMJD which causes my jaw to lock and my teeth to clench. I got a gum sheild from the Maxillofacial surgeon at the hospital for free to see if it would help. Maybe ask your doctor to refer you there to see if you can get it for free? A sports one wouldn't be a good idea as they are too big and designed to protect the front of your teeth and not the 2 surfaces that grind together
Hi Munkypooh
I am a chronic tooth grinder. Suffered chronic facial pain for years. Thankfully that has largely cleared up - I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. It was attributed to the tooth grinding and for the past 7 years I have had to wear a retainer at night. I am on the 3rd one - the first 2 were made of a fairly soft plastic and not very effective as I am such a determined grinder - the current one is more rigid and I think is much better. They were expensive - at least a couple of hundreds each- so I would definitely recommend you try and get them in the NHS.But please don't neglect the problem. It can lead to all kinds of more serious long term conditions. In my case I will have to wear the retainer
for life - very romantic!
Good luck and do get it seen to :sigh:
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Warning-Contains Nuts
Thanks for the advice guys :)

I will try for the free NHS route!!!

Lippy - I think your dog must have 'spider-dog abilities' to be able to scale a wall at that angle.......

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