Struggled today


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I'm 16 days in, well into ketosis and have been hunger free since day 3 but today I have been really getting the "munchies"

I found some old cambridge bars so have had one of those as an addition - thought its got to be better than falling off the wagon. God knows why as I'm not hungry but just want to snack!

Anyway moan over! Hope you are all having a better day than me!
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Hope u have a better day tomorrow! Ive had a rubbish day too....trying to get back into ketosis after a big cheat the other day...oops! Will never do that again after this suffering lol. Think its harder sometimes too cos i dont know about u but before the diet i didnt eat generally because i was hungry.....but cos i liked to lol. I wouldnt be hungry at night but id still sit with junk food and eat whilst watching tv....thats a hard habit to kick. Even in ketosis i still find myself wanting to raid the cupboards at nights! Suppose we'll get there but its not easy eh xx Well done for resisting...a CD bar wont do you any harm, much better that than anything else xx


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I'm sorry you've had a tough day, :grouphugg: well done for not going off on one, that's an achievement in itself. I hope tomorrow is brighter for you.


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Thanks guys, I checked and the CD bar only had 147 kcals in it so it's only a few more calories really - can't see it hurting that much. Gonna have another Zero Coke ina mo hopefully that will bloat me out. Also Biggest Loser USA on tonight to inspire me lol xxx