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Strugglers Poem

A lot of you are struggling, but please don't feel alone -
There's always someone on here, who will answer when you moan.

The 1st week can be torture, that advice is really true.
But when you have your 1st weigh in, that loss will see you through.

Even some weeks down the line, a few of us have blips.
Just log on here before you eat - you'll be offered loads of tips.

We're here because we need it - not because it's fun!
Just remember why you're doing this.......

Good luck x x x
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Hi SlimmerSu

LOVE IT...good rapping beat to it!!
I can imagine will.i.am doing that...cool!
Most excellent advice too. :D
Awh sweet :)
Brilliant Su! Or should that be Pam?

Post your other one again for the newbies:D
I couldn't find it!! lol

Here it is:

I have tried many diets, and failed with every one.
Then 1 one day I caught sight of my most humungous bum!!
I decided there and then that something had to give-
I didn’t want to just exist… I now wanted to LIVE!!

So i started on my journey, with shakes on Lipotrim.
The start was oh so very hard-in fact I DID give in.
Then the kids went back to school, I knew the time had come
I went into the chemist, hiding my ever growing bum!

I didn’t think I weighed THAT much, but ignorance is bliss.
It sure made me realise “I can’t go on like this”
Now I WAS determined, I was going to succeed.
This forum gave me great support, and advice that I did heed.

2 weeks in, well almost 3, I have lost a little weight
It must be gone from my big toe, cos the rest of me’s not great!!
But reading other people, who have all been through the same-
I realise I will get slim-MY FATNESS WON’T REMAIN!!

One day I will be size 12 and hold my head up high, chuck out all my bigger clothes, and wave them all goodbye!
Until that day I will be strong, and keep pushing myself through-
But rest assured I can’t do it, without all of you!

So thank you x x
Round of applause for Su! Our very own Pam Ayres....for those of us that are old enough to remember her:D
brill xxx
That is very good :)

Hi SlimmerSu

Here is a poem I submitted to a Dr Gillian McKeath website when they were looking for 'volunteers' for the show. Shows you how desperate I have been to lose weight over the years...I mean Gillian McKeath...puuurleeease! No disrespect, but that show is embarrassing..the poo thing 'nall.
Here goes:

I wake up each day feeling sluggish and sad,
Knowing last night what I eat must be bad.
Saw the Doc last night saying " You are what you eat, This awful ill feeling really can be beat."
I thought " I can do this even though the thyroid is slow,
And I strain on the toilet when I have 'to go'..."
My urine looks strange, my stools are a forse
It smells/looks like it all should come from a horse!
Headaches each month are really a scare
I am coming up for 50 (don't look at me bare).
I am 3 stone over, that makes me obese?
All I wear is my trakkies and oversised fleece.
Dr Gillian, my angel and no force to compare.
Please examine and test me
Rescue me....if you dare!!

PS: Can you believe they phoned me...but I bottled out BIG time :roofles:!!!!
Cheryl, you and Su should team up, you could be the next French and Saunders :D
That was great Cheryl :D :D

Imagine what would have happened if you hadn't bottled out!! We might all have seen your poo!!! :yuk: lol x x x

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