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Hey dh,
Im finding 2dy a little tough 2. Plus my 1 yr old is fst alsp & im bored, whichbis making it worse.
Feel like cnt b bothered to do anything & want to eat smething aaarrrrgggghhh!!


Otherwise known as Jools
Come on people - hang in there - you have come so far already and are almost over the worst of it all.... you must only be hours away from KetoTown when things get so much easier.

I know its hard when you are surrounded by temptation but you have to remember why you started this in the first place, the original motivation that you had - for me one of the reasons is to get on the plane in a few weeks time and not to have to use the extender belt on the seat belt, for you DH its to go to Reading and have a brill time.

I have started again to get back to how I was 18 months ago - I was not near my goal but so much thinner than I am now. I loved being able to go into "normal" shops and buy clothes, not to have my feet all swolloen and puffy like big fat maggots, to be able to get on the floor and play with my neice and nephew etc - but in general I felt so much better about myself and felt like a normal person in society - I miss that feeling and want to get it back (and yes I am trying to boost myself as have a massive craving for the naught sweet chocolate stuff !!! )

Come on we can do this - just think one day at a time - and the first week is nearly over!!



was DeepThought
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Mind over matter. You don't have to eat, you just want to. Have an extra Exante pack if you have to, it will be much better than the alternative.


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I keep falling off the bandwaggon on day 2 so getting to day 3 you are doing marvelous unlike me, but dont give in now keep going..
I agree about the extra Exante pack. i have been working late a lot in the last week and sometimes i end up having 4 packs. not the end of the world :)
S: 16st0lb C: 16st0lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 34.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you so much everyone! I went food shopping with my mum and just stuck to my shopping list (for my 2yo) I feel much better now I'm back and I've read all that. Saw loads of people at the supermarket who looked like they could do with Exante (not being mean) and their trolleys were full of cr*p so I remembered why I shouldnt break abstinence !! Cracking on with my 4th ltr of water and hanging in til 8pm so I can have my soup. Bring it on!!! Thank you so much xxxxxx


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hey guys, just a thought but if you're going to eat something extra then either as others say use the extra pack idea OR go for ketagenic foods - fish, meat, eggs, cheese etc so you won't fall off the switch from glucosis to ketosis

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