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Struggling Newbie - please help!

Hi All,

I'm brand new - it's day one (yes only day one) and I feel like I've lost my ability to communicate. My natural vitality has disappeared, usually my days fly by with not enough hours, but today's been full of clock watching and time dragging. This has been the longest day I've had in years. My whole family is eating food that smells like heaven and I've got a dull headache and I don't want to talk to anybody who doesn't know how I feel and all I'm getting is negative feedback about my choice of weight loss programme.
I had my strawberry shake for breakfast, my chocolate shake for lunch and my chicken soup for dinner. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, quite nice and not what I'd been expecting having read some reviews. Additionally I've had 2 litres of water and about 5 cups of weak black tea.
Normally I have a big appetite and eat quite a bit - My ideal weight is 2 stone lighter than I am now and after 5 years of thinking it would come off with a 'sensible diet' and excercise, I decided to embark on Lipotrim. Sounds great, but MY GOD I'm soooo hungry.
Please somebody tell me how long this bit lasts? And how do I stay strong?:confused: I want to eat my own head!!
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You will get through it!!! The first three days are hell then the hunger goes, and it becomes easier. You need to realise when you are emotionally hungry so you can deal with this when you finnish.

The shakes get better i even really like them, at first I had to hold my nose and down them.

You can do it, its just you fighting your mind.
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highhopes i have just completed the first week and it does get better the first few days where horrible but i started feeling better by day 4/5 x


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It really does get easier!I did LT for a few weeks in June and the first few days wer hard but just keep thinkin about why your doing it and it will help motivate you!anytime you feel hunger is gettin to you drink water or do something to take your mind off it!
I'm just starting again today and I am hungry but just have my goal in mind and keep thinking how much better I'll feel once I've lost the weight!
Keep in up highhopes! It will all be worth it in the end!!:D xx
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i suffered with headaches for the first 3 days but after that they dissapeared. the actual hunger does go and youll find it amazing that you smell all the delicious food but have no desire to eat it. i cant bring myself to try the chicken and i hate the vanilla so i have the chocolate for breakfast and supper and strawberry for lunch as i find the chocolate keeps me fuller for longer. i hope you feel better soon x x x
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Hi Highhopes,

Now you're a week into the diet how do you feel? I'm on day 3 and so relieved to read about someone saying they are so hungry they could eat their own head!! My tongue is feeling particularly appetising at present! The days are so long and I just want this sad, desperate feeling to go. :( I can't concentrate or do anything and I'm proper grumpy, even though I've lost the best part of 1/2 stone already!

Are you still feeling pants?


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