Struggling to lose weight while breastfeeding


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Hi i was wondering if anyone else was having difficulty losing weight, I am following the plan, but i am finding that although i may lose a pound or two one week the following week i am staying the same, or gaining, i am breastfeeding my 14 week old son and am using 4 extra Hex's as i was told to, but the weight just seems to be staying put, anyone else have slow weight loss while breastfeeding?
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I found that I lost weight quicker after stopping bf with both my two - probably coupled with the fact that they were more mobile at that point too! Long term bf'ing is supposed to help with weight loss (WHO). Maybe post a food diary so people can make some suggestions about what might help? Even staying the same is a massive achievement when you've got a tiny baby to look after (I put lots of weight on post-pregnancy!), but I know it can seem frustrating if you are on plan.


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I agree. After my daughter I breast fed for 2 months and in that time gained half a stone. Wasn't until I stopped that I could lose weight, maybe it just came with more freedom of movement hehe so I could get up and do things or myself without y baby chomping away at me :0) xx


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Your body has been through a lot with childbirth and pregnancy, so it will naturally take time for your hormones and metabolism to settle down.


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I am currently breastfeeding my 5month old I gained a lot of weight in the first couple of months but seems to be coming off well now(14 1/2lbs in 4 weeks) I have to say I dieted after my first child and was breastfeeding an the weight came off a lot easier than this time round. I think its a common misconception that just because you are breastfeeding you will loose more weight.


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I had this happen too. I stuck to the plan religiously and lost 3lbs in one month, I wad hugely disappointed and did some research, it seems there are quite a few of us out there that can't lose properly until we finish breastfeeding. I kept feeding as much as I could and have only just stopped, so will let you know if there is any change in the losses.

I was only able to partially breastfeed due to some early probs and really wish it had worked properly, so whatever the scales say, enjoy the precious time with your little one, the weight will come off, don't fret! Even if it takes a little longer than you'd hoped to lose the weight, you are doing an amazing job and it WILL come off x


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something in another thread said that calcium is great / beneficial in weight loss so if you are breastfeeding and not getting enough calcium to replace what Jr is draining out of you, then you will struggle to lose..
Thats part of why you get extra HeA's to offset the calcium drain..


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I breastfed both my children for 6/7 months and hardly lost any weight until I stopped. I did WW after my first and struggled to lose anything but when I stopped it was 2-3lbs every week.

I really don't know why this is. However a lot of women say that the weight came off while feeding! Guess our bodies react differently


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OMG.... I am seriously having the exact same problem! My little one is 15 weeks, I made a bit of a half hearted attempt at SW before xmas but started properly on the 4th of Jan. I was 100% for the first 3 weeks, the first week I had a big loss but the second I only lost 1lb and the third I stayed the same. The next 2 weeks I also STS, admittedly I did cheat but only very slightly and I know I cheated worse when I followed SW not BFing and got away with it.

I know eating SW is healthy and good for the baby which is good in itself but I find the slow weightloss really bizarre because after my first child I had a terrible diet of cakes, cakes and more cakes and yet managed to STS for the whole 6 months I BF pretty much!