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Struggling with portion size...

I just started refeed a couple of days ago and am struggling to eat the recommended portion size. The instructions I got from the chemist say I should be eating 4-6oz of chicken or turkey or fish or tofu + small salad. I find that with 3oz of tofu + small salad I feel uncomfortably full.
Also the maintenance bar/soup is way more filling than the TFR flapjack/soup I have been living on for the past 8 months.

But OMG, how wonderful real food tastes now!!!!!!!:eat:
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lol, lucky you, I am just considering starting refeed as I am close to target and fed up with feeling cold all the time (I need my cups of tea) so good to hear that the small amounts allowed fill you up, and I could never stomach the LT bars, so I hope these ones are nicer, I have just ordered by free samples:)


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I am having similar problems to you Angie.
Last two days I've given myself 100g of halibut for dinner, and for lunch yesterday it was 100g of chicken (fish is so much nicer, lighter and less stuffing). I find also that eating 2 tablespoons of green vegetables is easier than the salad cos of the smaller volume.
I was at the pharmacy yesterday cos of pain in my tummy after my morning maintenance bar, but it resolved itself by 2pm, and the pharmacist said I didn't have to eat as much as it said on the sheet (especially in days 4-7) because I didn't wanna stretch my stomach back to it's original size!


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Here, here!

I have been doing re-feed since Monday, but am sticking to day one for the first 5 days. I am struggling eating all of mine, but I am eating the rest a bit later in the day- not sure if you are supposed to, but it keeps me ticking along!


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Enjoy it while it lasts! 8 weeks into maintenance and I am struggling in the other direction now....

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