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  1. Misdee

    Misdee Well-Known Member

    not sure whether its all in my mind or now. have been on 790 this week and feeling so down about it. i am getting full up on meals, am weighing measuring etc, but just really dont feel right on it.

    my scales are brokwn so no idea if i am losing, i just feel very off this week with it all. feeling bloated again and tired.

    Think i migth step back to SS as cant deal with food just yet. its too much temptation.

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  3. JoJo666

    JoJo666 Well-Known Member

    stick wit it hun!!! ur duin really well
  4. sim94

    sim94 Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hi Misdee,

    Try spacing your packs and meal out.

    When I SS, I don't have my 1st pack till 10-11am my next at 5-6pm and my last at 9pm.

    I stuck to the similar times on 790 but soon relised I can't that as you I felt bloated and thought I'd gained weight when I hadn't. I started having my 1st pack earlier in the morning 8-9am my lunch 12.30-1pm then have my meal at 6pm and my last shake as a hot chocolate.
  5. PinkyButtonz

    PinkyButtonz Well-Known Member

    Sim is right it makes it last longer!!

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