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I loved SW when I first started but last year was a non starter for me. 2010 started off well but life just got in the way and I'm a stone heavier than I have been in years.. this time it has to come off because my clothes don't fit and I refuse to buy new. I can do so well but really struggle for lunch time ideas and evenings are hard too. Im a bit of a picker and end up ruining a "good day" and then I just go into munching over drive. Surely I'm not the only one. Does anyone else have a problem time of the day?

Hayley xx
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Yep mine is most definately evenings. I exercise then take a bath, or i save some syns and gobble some chocolate. Identify when you are most likely to blow it and have some snacks or a meal planned for that time.
Hiya I've found SW easier If you can have a hot meal at lunch. Do you have a microwave?

M&S do a lovely veg lasagna in the count on us range which is 3.5 syns

how abt a home made soup?

Jacket potato with a homemade filling

You could do Bacon in the microwave and bring some bread in for a Bacon sarnie.

I have found the success for me in winter is having a pre-cooked or cooked meal

Hope that gives you some ideas


Just doing it this time
someone said that if you put boiling water with a savoury rice and into a food flask by lunchtime it's cooked and ready to eat?

reminds me I must get a food flask again as I used to send hubby into work with chilli con carne and spag bol in the winter.

Definitely need to heat up food for winter to keep us on the straight and definitely NARROW.
Trouble is, I'm not working now so i'm sat around bored and all I think about is food!! I actually lost weight slightly when I started my job before christmas. Soon piled back on though haha.
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It's tough when you're at home because you've got nothing to take your mind off food! Try frozen berries and youghurt! Also, if you're doing green you can have sooper noodles (low fat variety), I love the Sweet Thai Chilli

Thing is, if you're hungry, eat! But if you're on EE eat super free (carrot sticks and tatziki - fat free youghurt, cucumber, lemon, mint, etc or home made humous!). No sense in starving yourself if you're hungry as then you'll just want it more and blow out.

I also find that if I have only been on plan for a short time I want to eat the world. Once you're on the wagon full time you'll find it'll pass.

PS, are you getting enough to drink? Could you be mistakin hunger for thirst? I have gian mugs of tea/coffee and each is 500ml, helps with my dialy intake.

Hope this helps, sorry for long post x
I love them, had some yesterday in fact. It's just I like naughty things... ahh well, I had a good day today so lets hope this is a start of a new beginning x
You CAN do it chick, I'm rooting for ya, heck, I got a whole cheerleading squad lined up! :D x
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