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  1. bergie

    bergie Member

    Hi everyone

    New to slimming world, tried every diet under the sun, but I am determined to lose the weight this time, and begin a new chapter in my life. I'm half way through my second week and in my first weigh in I had lost 8.5lb!

    Would love to hear about everyone's journeys and can't wait to really get stuck in to all the yummy free food! :p
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  3. Smuffin

    Smuffin Full Member

    Welcome Bergie! :) Not done slimming world as don't want to go to the groups on my own, thought about doing it online though but seems like a lot of money just for a few receipes and stuff online which you can probably find scattered about the internet anyhow. Are you going to the groups or just doing it online? x
  4. bergie

    bergie Member

    Heya smuffin! I'm going to the groups as I find being amongst other people dieting really helps me. The extra easy plan on slimming world is the best diet I have tried and I know there is loads of info on it online so u don't have to go to the groups to follow it :)
  5. aimeehxx

    aimeehxx New Member

    Hi all, im a student too so i find it difficult to balance studying with excercise! i really indulged over xmas and now i just feel miserable! i have been sticking to slimming world EE for the last 2 weeks but so far ive only lost a pound! its so demotivating :(
  6. bergie

    bergie Member

    Don't worry Aimee! Have u been keeping a food diary, I found that it rely helped me to make sure 1/3 of my plate was always superfree and if you only have stodgy carbs for 1 meal it seems to really speed up the weight loss :)
  7. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Full Member

    Hi everyone

    This is only my second week I had my first weigh in on Monday and I lost 6lb just hope I can keep it up...
    Good luck with your weight loss journey xx
  8. bergie

    bergie Member

    That's a great weight loss! I have been worried about keeping up a good weight loss too, but this week I have found that reading other people's food diaries has really helped me stay on track to hopefully get the maximum loss!
  9. mumtolily

    mumtolily Member

    wow well done on your first loss! im also starting slimming world :) i start on thursday evening x
  10. BlodynAur

    BlodynAur Full Member

    Hey! I'm a student too and I joined last week - today's my first weigh in, a bit scared to go near the scales haha! Good luck with your weight loss!
  11. Hi everyone, i'm new to this forum too and i'm 19. Basically, i'm 16st 3lb and have been walking about 3 miles every day for a week (i used to sit on my arse all day!) and cutting out snacks, eating more fruit and drinking more water and making healthier meals, but i'm still not losing weight.
    Good luck
    - Megan

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