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Student Slimmers!!!

i'm starting university next week and i've been hoping to shed some pounds however i have totally failed this summer because i have been bored as bored can be and apparently i think eating will keep be sane!!!
so as i'm about to start uni and living at home i think this time will be perfect for me to get this extra weight of. my brain will be occuppied and i wont have access to the cupboards all day.
anyone else who is at uni and slimming would be great to hear from you, hear what you do for meal in uni hours and what to do with all the boozing and bad foods that tempt us daily!!!
Lauren xX
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I'm about to go back to uni and will be commuting a long way each day. I am concerned that not having time to exercise means that I'll put on weight, but I'm going to try VERY hard not to!

Uni is a difficult time to lose as you are around people who eat lots of greasy take-aways all the time and drink lots of booze. I think I put on about 2 stone during my undergrad!
ahhh god i'm worried but i've never been a takeaway eater, i'm more for chocolate and sweets then anything else.
does you uni have a gym you could join? mine has an on campus gym tho im a member at the gym near my house at the moment and will hopefully still get a chance to go even if its at 8pm!!
i'm basically hoping that having something to do through the day again will keep me from straying from my diet and that i'll have less time to think about food...thats where my problem comes i'm not working atm and i keep remembering the chocolate in the cupboard lol

Lauren xX
Yeah, I'm going to be on placements and stuff, and I think they have a gym there I can use. Not sure about the days I'm at uni though, as I'm not going to a campus university.

It sounds like you're going to be okay, if you're keeping busy at your course then maybe you won't be as tempted by all the tasty choccies :)
Let hope ill have some self control!
I'll be on placements and stuff too as I'm doing learning disability nursing! Can't wait to get stuck in I'm bored bored bored ATM
I've been really good today hope this continues as my goal is to get back into a size 10 by my 20th birthday which is near Christmas I'm a size 12 now so I think it's a pretty reasonable target
What's your goal?
Lauren xX
Hey Lauren,

That's a very realistic target. I'm also a 12 now but would like to be a 10 ASAP.

Studying to be an LD nurse sounds really interesting. I'm going to be on psychology placement in a forensic unit, so there's some overlap between our disciplines.

Let's get into those size 10 skinnies!!!
Well we are in the same boat tho you are a lot closer to target then me you could do that in the next month easy!!
but im sure if we motivate each other we can be size 10s in no time!!!
i hope you hang around when your at target cos i'll need the inspiration lol
yeah we are in very close fields how weird is this haha
Lauren xX
Like Lauren I start uni in a couple of weeks time and have recently lost just over 2 stone and still have a stone and a bit to go to get to target and this is an issue I have been worried about. I suppose it's all about choosing the right things and having the so called bad things in moderation.
I'm going back to uni for fourth year in a few weeks and only just started my WeightWatchers plan. Slightly worried it will all go wrong when I get back and there are all those temptations!! (Alcohol and unhealthy food). The good think is though I will always be cooking for myself, not like when I was in first year and lived in catered halls where all the food was stodgy and full of carbs!
Hello Georgina and Linny, I'm sure you'll be fine if you just limit the stodge / booze!

@ Lauren: Yeah, I'm close to my initial target, but I think that would still be a smallish 12, so I wouldn't mind adjusting it down by 10lbs or so, and see where that goes! That would give me a similar amount to lose as for you. So I'll definitely be on here for a while, lol!
hi all good to have a few more people in the thread!
i think it'll be good for us to keep motivated together as we are all going to be going through the same things!!
maybe we should start logging ideas of what we are eating when we are back at uni!
Lauren xX
Good idea! I don't go back for a week and a bit, though.

The thing I'm most worried about is that I will be commuting a long way, and having my breakfast at 5:30. I'll be STARVING by the time it's lunch! And again in the evening, I won't be home till late...I guess I need to stock up on healthy, portable snacks.

What are you guys thinking of eating, and what do you think your greatest hurdles are?
I'm commuting too but not starting that early!! It's probably a good plan to have fruit and yoghurt for breakfast and then have cereal bars or a jam or banana sandwich on the road? Have some apples, satsuma and fruit like that with you!!!
I think I'll be having things like that for breakfast and baked potatoes or salads for lunch from the canteen obviously no butter no dressings and no Mayo cos you can't control your syns then!!
Then I'll keep the other cereal bar or fruit bits in the car for the drive home! I've invested in a couple of Tupperware boxes that you can freeze keep things cool all day just need to be in a plastic bag so they don't soak everything!!! I also bought a brand new thermo cup for a coffee on route haha
I'd say my biggest hurdle will be getting my fitness routine to fit around uni and uni work and to not get tempted by the campus costa cos I'm a coffee lover
Lauren xX
Great tips Hannah thanks will be taking most if not all of those tips on board!! I don't drink much anyway so probably won't be drinking much!
Lauren xX


will hit target this time
here to join as i start uni in a few weeks, and like you lauren, had planned to be really good over the summer but having nothing today and quitting my job saw me eat and eat and eat :)

back on it today though and hoping will carry on once i move in/start uni :D
Yey glad to hear there's people to keep me motivated!
I can't wait for uni now even tho I'm doing well this week with my new technique lol hopefully this will continue cos I really want to lose this last stone badly i started slimming world around 2 yrs ago and at 5ft3 was almost 12st after 6 month I was 1st7 lighter kept that of and lost a couple more lbs in the year and a half I wasn't in group and now I'm back to get to my final goal!!!
Motivated and with the knowledge that I can do this! Especially with all your help!!!
Lauren xX


will hit target this time
well we're all here if you need anything :) like you i'm hoping university will be a welcome distraction to keep my picky little fingers out the fridge and cupboards!!
Great tips in the earlier post! I especially like the idea of planning and of having ready-measured tubs of snack food.

And yes, I agree that being motivated to study and do well will help me keep control of my eating, too. I'm really excited about this course and determined to do well and actually DO some work, rather than just party (like first time around).

I'm going into my final year and what i've found helped between lectures is being prepared, i always have an apple or popcorn or something because you will feel like something sweet especially when you get tired but if something else is there i'm not bothered to go get anything else. it is really hard though! :)
I'm going into my second year, back on the 17th.
I lost 2 stone before I went last year, with a stone left until target. Pizza and chocolate took it's toll and I put on 1st 7lb ove first year. Back at home this summer, have lost 1stone of that in 10 weeks, so another 1st6lb until target- I'm going to be good this year. Super good! And hopefully hit target by Christmas, though I know that's wishful thinking!
Be great to have some support. I think my plan is to eat SW friendly 95% of the time, but have a takeaway/treat once a week- it always seems to keep me on track. I won't binge, just have a treat :)
Good luck everyone, we can do it!

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