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stupid office cakes!


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Today I wasn't just offered a muffin, I was practically bullied into taking one! :mad:

I haven't spoken about my dieting to people at work, mainly to avoid questions, comments, encouragement and other things that make me cringe or feel under pressure.

So today a colleague thrust a box of cupcakes under my nose and with others looking on (people gather like flies when there's treats around!) told me to take one.

I felt like a had to.

It sat on my desk for a good twenty minutes as I waited to be alone so I could palm it off on someone else or bin it, until I eventually talked myself into eating it instead. The first junk food I've had in weeks. It gave me a sugar rush and then crash, and I felt sick.

I've no idea how many calories I've eaten today now, and I'm feeling quite down about it.

It's so easy to fall into the "oh noes I had one cupcake! EVERYTHING'S RUINED FOREVER!" mindset. I keep thinking how much more weight I would have lost if I hadn't eaten it. :cry:

It's only one cupcake, right? Nothing wrong with a cupcake every now and then.
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Nope, there's nothing wrong wiyh a cupcake now and again.

In the future though I would say something along the lines of, "no thankyou, they don't agree with me" or "I have had enough sugar today, too much gives me headache"
It's only white lies, but it avoids the awkward "I'm on a diet moment". It is nobody else's business that you are on a diet, but to avoid the tricky situations it's best to have a standard answer at the ready.

If the cupcake isn't planned it will take neccesary calories you might be using for your dinner, which is not healthy at all. You might have eaten the cupcake and stayed withinn calories, but I'm betting you will go to bed hungry because Dinner was cut short!!! :)


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Aw don't be upset. Also, don't let this one incident lead to a binge. I've done that before... 'oh it's all ruined... may as well have that massive bag of crisps, bottle of wine and bar of galaxy!' 1lb is around 3,500 calories. That cupcake was probably about 300cals. Realistically you could totally pull that back over the next couple of days. If you want to feel better go for a massive walk or jump on the treadmill :)

Don't let people at work pressure you though. White lies sound like a great idea, or just say no without explanation. It's none of their business xxx
skinnysooz said:
I've done that before... 'oh it's all ruined... may as well have that massive bag of crisps, bottle of wine and bar of galaxy!'x
I'm terrible for doing that

Just draw a line under it drink plenty of water to compensate


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It's one cupcake, it won't have broken your diet just keep with it. I do know what you mean though, working in a school for the past 2 weeks with all the cakes and biscuits in the staff room as been hard work! Haven't resisted nearly as much as I should have. I'm going to start taking in my own snacks so that I can hopefully avoid them. If you actually don't want it, just say no and stick to it. Say you've just had something else and you don't want it and aren't hungry. You felt you had to take it but you didn't actually have to. You can say no, they can't force you! That's the biggest thing to get over I think, the way that we feel, because we sometimes feel things but that's not how it is. And that one cupcake will have made next to no difference at all. Even if it was 500 calories, which it probably wasn't even that, that's 1/7th of a lb, so 0.14lbs. That wouldn't even show up on the scales! A cupcake every day is an issue, one every so often isn't a problem. You're changing your diet to suit a healthy lifestyle, you can't avoid all these things forever! You're allowed a treat every now and then, don't worry so much or beat yourself up over it. Nothing is ruined, just carry on as before :)


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S: 20st13lb C: 13st9lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 29 Loss: 7st4lb(34.81%)
Thanks, everybody. It really is so good to have people around who understand and can help me through it!

I tried hard not to "punish" myself, and today is a new day. I'm off to do Couch 2 5k, and yesterday is far far away.

Seriously- who puts lime flavoured buttercream on a cupcake? Blegh! I mean, the good part of it is I've been put off having another one! Not that it stopped me eating it of course!

Next time I'm just going to say no- I like the "little white lie" idea. I actually have a legitimate reason I suppose- the sugar rush and crash was awful. I'd prefer not to have that again. I am shocked by it really. Is that what I was putting my body through during all those years of eating junk? No wonder I was an emotional wreck!


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A little of what you fancy once in a while dose you good...... You've drawn a line under it and your back on track so well done you :)

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