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Stupid star week....

Grumble grumble....good as gold all last week - 8-10 syns a day, etc, etc. Came on the day of weigh in and GAINED 0.5lb. :cry: Was soooo hoping to LOSE 0.5lb for my 4.5st award. Nevermind! Hopefully this week. Although I'm out 3 nights for dinner but going to try and control it.

HOw many syns in choc sponge pudding do we reckon? I know I'm definitely going to have that but the rest of the stuff will be healthy!
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Ok, so I looked up Gu hot chocolate souffle as that's the closest thing I can think of to match the choc pudding at this restaurant and it's 16 syns for 70g pot so I'm going to count a bit more than that to be on safe side. Am trying to have only a few syns a day so I can save them up and still have a loss.
Just think of the great loss you should have next week too - if your star week has affected your weight this week it will reflect in next week's weigh in. Good luck for a great result next week
Im on a star week and stayed the same this week, so can sympathise with you Huni.

Just enjoy your nights out and you will loose the weight again...dont panic!
Hun, that's not bad for star week! You are doing fab too!
Just so you know, I had the GU choc souffle for dessert on V Day and lost 3.5lb this week! Not sure how that happened but I like to think the pud triggered some amazing weightloss fairy or something ;o) xxx
whats a star week peeps??


Finding inspiration
Star week = TOTM!

StaceyUK, that happened to me. Gained half a pound and then the next week, lost FOUR!!! I expected to lose, but not that much!! It is annoying though, isn't it? And I had chocolate that night too!! :D
Thanks ladies! Am hoping if I remain good this week I'll lose at least 2lb (though really I'd like to lose 3lb!). I never gain with TOTM but usually stay the same. Not worried about it but the timing sucks as I sooo wanted my award! Hopefully will do it this week - timing, thinking about it, is quite good actually as it'll spur me on to behave on my 3 nights out!
It's mine aswell hun and I get weighed in the morning! I really don't want to as I have horrendous stomach cramps and amd really bloated so it's not looking good
ooooooooooo i get it! lol
Well after my sts last week with totm, I did manage to loose 4lbs!! How are you doing Stacey??
I'm really trying to stick with it this week. I've been keeping track of my syns as best I can and guestimating when I have to. I was out Sat night and last night and was in control but did have pudding and things (which I counted).

I get weighed Wed and will let you know. Snuck onto my scales (although I've been trying to stop doing that) and it's showing STS since when I last weighed on them a week or so ago. We shall wait and see on Wed what happens.

Congrats on your 4lb - that's amazing!!!
Thanks Huni and fingers crossed for Wednesday for you...just dont weight now until then!
No, I won't weigh anymore. I'm going to banish my scales again as I was much happier when I wasn't trying to second guess what the weigh in scales were going to say! Whatever will be will be! I know I've done my best so I'm happy with that. I made healthy choices for the most part but still enjoyed myself - I can live with that!

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