Stupid, stupid woman


hoping for a good loss
S: 18st4lb C: 13st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 4st11lb(26.17%)

So bloody weak willed aarrrggghhhhh

Why, oh why????:cry::cry::cry:

That rather 'big' blip will probably put paid to any weight loss next week

PMT and a stinking cold has just made me carb out. Ok, no excuses am just a bit of a weak willed person.


Theres the line ^^^^^^^^ now time to move on.

Silly cow ggrrrrrrr:mad::mad::mad:
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Draw a line under it and move on. No need to make yourself feel worse by beating yourself up over it.

Chin up!


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oh dear, never mind forget you done it and move forward.


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Don't be so hard on yourself. We are all human and we fail at times BUT we pick ourselves up and carry on. You can do it.
Best wishes

miss jelly tot

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Im awful when its PMT time and only bread will do (or thats what my head tries to tell me). As others said don't be too hard on yourself, It was just a bump in your journey


She's me in a few months
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I did it yesterday, toast and banana, but that was yesterday, 'tis done now, can't take it back, onwards and upwards. :D


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You're not stupid or weak-willed hun, just human like the rest of us! PMT turns me into a carb monster too :D

Rather than beating yourself up, well done for drawing a line under the blip rather than allowing it to become a major fall off the wagon.

Hope you're feeling better soon



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Aw just a wee little slip up nothing to worry about. Start a fresh as from NOW and forget about it :D Your doing great so far you have lost alot of weight hehe your doing fab <3 xxx


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What's done is done and can't be undone, you are only a failure if you give up trying hun. Put it behind you and get back on course x


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I thought for a while about what I could say that'd make you feel better. Goodness only knows I've felt the way you're describing so many times. But something seems to have clicked this time and I'm hoping it's for good.

I will confess to having had the odd bit of chicken / tuna this week cos I've been absolutely knackered but had no chance of just taking to my bed (which would've been the perfect answer to it all). I know it's hard to excited about a binge on tuna / chicken, LOL, but I've made sure I've got some in just in case and told myself that that's the worst thing I do if I get hungry. And boy, have I been hungry this week. No idea why.

Hun - it's not a race. You've set things back by one day, if that (cos I'll bet you didn't eat half as much as you think you did). And I'm trying to view every time I get something wrong as a learning opportunity for not getting it wrong the same way next time.

Call it practising for the maintenance stage. :D There are always going to be days when the carb monster wins - ALWAYS. Even 'naturally' slim people overeat sometimes. It's what you do the next day - and the day after that - that makes the difference between staying at a higher weight or reducing back down again.

Hmm, note to self: must take notice of own wisdom... :D :D :D

Keep on keeping on, hun. :hug99:


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Don't be harsh on yourself and now carry on as if nowt has happened. We have all made mistakes (and many of us, including me) will continue to do so whilst on CD, we are human after all.

Good Luck, you will be fine x


Why Be Normal?
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FUAF -- I like what Lily said about it not being a race. It isn't. You'll get there.