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Success Express meal ideas?

Hi everyone! WI tonight, first one in two weeks, and I've had - not going to say a bad couple of weeks because I had four days away last weekend and was actually quite proud of myself for staying in control and sticking to SW as well as I could, plus upped my exercise afterwards too - but I have had my maximum weekly syns last week and this so not expecting much of a loss, if any. I've decided to give myself a boost this week by doing the Success Express thing.

Never done this before, but my understanding is it's the same as EE, except you can have two of each HEX, must fill plate with 2/3 superfree at meals and can only snack on superfree between. Hope this is right. So far today I've had a big plate of melon, a banana and a skimmed milk latte from my HEA allowance, and now I'm planning the rest of my day and week.Does anyone have any good meal ideas? I don't eat meat except occasionally fish. Snack ideas also welcome - are there any superfree dips I could make to go with crudites? There's only so much fruit and soup I can eat!
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You say that you don't eat meat (except occasionally fish) so, as you normally must do green days, I don't think that your normal eating habits would need to change very much. The only thing that you would probably need to alter from normal is to maybe reduce some of your beans/pasta/pulses/starchy veg, and add some more of the superfree veggies.

As a happily confirmed red day eater, I can't really give you any more meal ideas, as most of mine centre around meat!!!

Don't forget, as you can have 2 HEX a's and b's, you get to have things like cheese on toast (1a + 1b) and still have milk for coffee!! You can always snack on your healthy extras too... so a mid-morning coffee with 1 Alpen Light (1/2 hex b), some syns on a mid-afternoon snack, and you should still have 1 Alpen (1/2 hex b) to have later (with a milky hot chocolate (don't forget, you can have 2 hex a choices too!!)



So for example; if you were to have some rice cakes as a snack, on a green/ee day they may have 3 syns, but because of the rice have a red day syn value of 6 syns, YOU NEED TO COUNT THEM AS 6 SYNS. (And that's why I use most of my syns on chocolate - same syn value whether on red or green :D )

Thanks Lonestitcher - I'm so used to doing green days I forget things have two syn values. I think I'll take a leaf out of your book and spend all my syns on chocolate (and wine!). I think tonight for tea I'll have a salmon fillet with a couple of new potatoes and a load of green veg, it's age since I had any fish.

You say I could have cheese on toast for breakfast: would I not need to have my 2/3 superfree though? I struggle with breakfasts as I don't really like mushrooms and tomatoes that much.
As far as I'm aware, you wouldn't need to add your superfree to it, as cheese on toast would just be 2 healthy extras and no 'free' food. As I am remembering it, you are allowed to snack on healthy extras - so using them as a meal wouldn't incur the '2/3rds rule'. However, cheese on toast might not be enough for a meal, so why not have some fruit 'with' it? (and as always, the more superfree you eat, the better!!)

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