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Success Express!

Has anyone tried Success Express? Do you understand it? How on earth does it work? My weight loss is very slow - probably due to doing the CD diet before starting SW. I lose weight every week - but only a pound and am not starting to find this extremely frustrating :sign0009: - especially as I put 150% into the diet, as well as exercising at the gym a minimum of three times a week!
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i dont get it but im going to my meeting tonight and i can ask her to explain it to me and ill get back to you? xx
Oh that would be fab - I've just read the section about it in our books and I still not totally sure how it works to be honest! May be more trouble than it's worth - but I thought I'd give it a go as my weight loss is so slow at the moment - only a pound a week - I'm 150% on the blasted diet, go to the gym 3 times a week and burn heaps of calories and still only a pound! I have about another stone to a stone and a half to go - not decided exactly yet - depends what I look like when I hit my next stone loss marker - and I just really want to speed things up a bit!!


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S: 141kg C: 49.9kg G: 36.3kg BMI: 17.7 Loss: 91.1kg(64.62%)
I found this:

Success Express has been specifically developed to give existing slimmers a super boost to their weight loss - just what we need after a traditional seasonal lapse which can send slimmers ‘off the rails’ for weeks! With Success Express slimmers can have Green and Original Free Food on the same plate, without counting! Following a neat ‘Two to One’ plate principle, slimmers choose from Green or Original Free Food lists and fill one third of the plate with what ever they choose. The other two thirds of the plate is filled with Superfree Foods (super healthy, super low in energy density foods)such as vegetables and salad, and still a long list of foods that slimmers can snack on throughout the day.

I vary it a great deal. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday tend to be red days - cos I have time to cook proper meat dishes(!!) and Monday Tuesday Wednesday I tend to have Quorn . So fairly mixed??

It's just really starting to annoy me now as I stick rigidly to the diet, put in my exercise, don't cheat and all I lose is a pound a week! it's very frustrating, especially at class when someone says..... "Oh I didn't expect to lose two/three pounds as I've had two chinese meals, one curry etc etc...."!!! I know they don't mean to do it, but they always say it with an air of smugness and there's good old me, eating what I'm supposed to!!!

if you have any ideas or suggestions, that would be fantastic!!


** Chief WITCH **
S: 141kg C: 49.9kg G: 36.3kg BMI: 17.7 Loss: 91.1kg(64.62%)
Loopy - having 4 originals to 3 greens looks perfect to me. Too often people on SW seem surprised at not losing much weight when doing too many greens (with too much "unlimited" pasta etc).

Did you stop CD recently? Do you have much weight left to lose? Those two things could have something to do with it. There's always a gain when you first stop a VLCD while your glycogen stocks replenish... and if you don't have much weight to lose, it never moves as fast as someone heavier's weight does of course.

What I did recently (nothing to do with SW, but was suffering from a plateau) was go back to basics, plan my meals in advance, keep a proper food diary, weigh everything to check portion size etc, and I admit that I had a few surprises! A few things I misjudged. "Forgot" I'd eaten... Is that possible?

Otherwise, I give up!
Agh, you're so helpful - I really do appreciate it.

i did CD for two weeks then had a break for 3 days of stuffing my face basically then went on to SW. I have to admit to being amazed when I actually lost weight the first week on SW. I had read all kinds of things on this forum and was really expecting to either stay the same or have a big gain.

I started slimming world on 31st May - I've lost weight every week - first week was four pounds then 1, then 1.5, then 1, then 2 (Not sure why but I was impressed!) and then last week 1 again. I get weighed tonight - and my usual line when i'm getting weighed is.... don't tell me... another pound!

If I get down to what I used to be as a goal member, then I only have 13 pounds to shift (i'm 5.5 and weigh 12.13). believe it or not, when I got to 12 last time, it just wouldn't shift anymore and the consultant decided that it was time to stop - mind you, I did look and feel good - but to be honest, I still think it's too heavy - which is why I would really like to get down to 11 this time. Because I go to the gym, my body is smaller than it should be for my weight. My top is a size 14. As for the bottom half - that's another matter. If it's trousers, usually a 16, but then again in Matalan I can wear a size 14 jean! Dresses, unless they are cut completely straight up and down - are a size 14. Oh, I don't know.... what do you think? Maybe I should go even lower?!

I weigh my breakfast out every morning - and still measure my milk allowance. What to do eh?!

All I know is, I'm putting my whole soul in to this and when Its so slow, it feels like hard work!!!


** Chief WITCH **
S: 141kg C: 49.9kg G: 36.3kg BMI: 17.7 Loss: 91.1kg(64.62%)
I don't follow any of the traditional diets any more, having given them so much money in the past that I know what to do (don't we all?!)... it's really about getting the head in the right place, and you certainly do sound as if yours is.

As I get nearer my target weight (originally 11 stone, now 10 stone 5lbs), I find the weight comes off so slowly it's untrue.

All I can recommend is be sure to be drinking lots of water (I'm up to 3L now, but it takes a while); avoid white carbs; don't eat late in the evening; control your portion size... and if you're not happy with your weight loss, try to find some areas where you can make little tweaks. I was quite surprised when I got into this. My homemade muesli + Fitnesse flakes + ss milk breakfast, for instance, I now alternate with a boiled egg, light yoghurt and 1/2 grapefruit and I save half the calories and it fills me up until lunchtime also. So I've been alternating them and hence "saving" calories!

I cut out lots of "extras" that I'd unwittingly slipped into my salads, and now basically just eat the veggies (cucumber, beetroot, celery, spring onions, tomatoes) with whatever protein... halved the dressing I use... little things perhaps but finally I passed my plateau and lost a couple of lbs.

Trouble is, I'm off for a 10 day holiday tonight so I won't be getting back to "target" this month after all, but I'll definitely continue with my "experiment" next month.

I know what you mean about target weight. I think you know when you're there... aim high, then maintain for a while, then continue if you want to... then you shouldn't regain...

Good luck!
i have to admit to not drinking anywhere near enough water. My problem is I work in London and have a long journey home. I leave the office at 5.30 and don't get home till about 7.15pm - and on the odd occasion(!) when I have drunk heaps of water - i've got caught short and had a very painful journey home!! Maybe I should up the water levels?

What you say about breakfast makes sense - I have the same kind of thing each morning - either albran, weetabix or shreddies - maybe every other morning I could try fruit, yoghurt and a scrammbled egg? maybe I'm having too much of the same - all the time? I tend to have very similar meals in the evenings and for lunch too. Another problem I have is that when I get home from work I go straight to the gym and so don't get home from there til about 9 and have been having three quorn sausages and salad and then rasberries with a muller on the top (one of my favourites!). I tend to have this all the time as it's quick, easy and not too heavy. As for lunch, usually salad with either prawns or quorn sausages. I'm hooked on them!

As for my body, when I got to 12 stone - SW thought I looked slim enough - and so I stopped. This time I think I'm going to go for a bit more of a loss this time. I'm not sure if a stone and a half warrants that I have a lot to lose - although I think it's a lot - but not compared with most at my class - they seem to be all very large ladies who are desparate to shed the weight.

I'm definitely going to try what you say about the breakfast idea - have something completely different - as for the water - well I'll try drinking most of my allocation in the mornings and see what happens. The evening meals I'm going to have to think hard about as it needs to be a light meal because of it being fairly late in the day.

Have a fantastic time on holiday - where are you going? Remember, we have to live, despite diets - so make sure you enjoy it - Slimming World will be there for you when you get back - as will I, with support and help!



** Chief WITCH **
S: 141kg C: 49.9kg G: 36.3kg BMI: 17.7 Loss: 91.1kg(64.62%)
It sounds to me as if you have much the same problem as me and it's (almost!!!) "a shame" that I'm just about to leave on holiday! (I'm off to the French countryside and hope the weather will improve as it's due to!).

Like me, you seem to have fallen into the habit of eating much the same thing day after day (I always had seven different teas, but about two different lunches repeated endlessly, and the same breakfast each day!). By tweaking things, not only has the weight loss started again but I've also found things more interesting and have actually enjoyed eating differently!

I'll bookmark this thread and catch up with you 23 July week and see how you're doing. By then, I'll have another 7lbs to add to this ticker, knowing me!!

I don't do Slimming World and haven't for years but it sounds as if we have the same problem so "healthy eating" is the way I go. Plenty of fruit and veggies and salads but I do eat meat, whereas it doesn't sound as if you do...

Yes perhaps your evening meal could be split so that you eat something before the gym, and less after... and for the water, perhaps try upping your intake until about 2pm. Each Friday, I have a long car journey so I stop drinking about 2 hours before and usually "make it"!
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Thank you so much for your advice - I get weighed tonight - and no doubt it will be my usual pound! I've taken good note of your advice and just re-written my shopping list for tomorrow night - adding different foods to normal and changing things round a bit. I'll also, as of tomorrow, hit the water bottle big time in the mornings and see what happens.

As for you, don't worry about the diet whilst you're away - just enjoy the time to the max! No doubt you'll have better weather than London - which isn't difficult these days! It just seems to rain and rain!

I'll post my weight loss on here tonight - you never know - I could even have stayed the same - if I have, oh boy will I be upset and angry - still - will have to wait and see.

I'll look forward to when you get back but in the meantime, relax and enjoy that wonderful holiday!


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