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success express

successs express

Thanks, MaxiMouse
Still confused, though. The HE Bs are used as part of the 1/3, is that it, for 3 meals during the day? So it is just like a normal Green or Red day but with salad.


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I've not tried success express as I read the book and it confused me a little. Might be best talked through with your consultant for clarification


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Hello you have normal 2 HexA and 2 HexB choices like you do on a normal red or green day. You could use them with your meals or to make an extra meal e.g HexA cheese allowance on HexB Bread choice which will make you and extra meal during the day.
Many thanks to all who responded. Had a word with my consultant about it. This is what she told me:
Success Express is neither a red nor a green day. Just follow the guidelines for filling the plate with food three times a day. Then use the HexBs and As as usual on top.
The idea, apparently, is that by having three meals a day following this idea makes you so full that there is no need to snack during the day.
Sounds too good to be true, but it is!
I love doing Success Express days, this week I did 2green days, 2red days, then 2 success express days, and managed to get 4lbs off, so i am thanking the success express for that one lol! I always use the normal healthy extra allowance and used it for snacks like an Alpen light bar, or putting a bit of cream cheese with my meals for like a 'dip' instead of using sweet chilli sauce as a syn.


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I can't easily sit down to 3 meals a day as I'm out and about all day with work so this probably wouldn't work for me. I might try it on a weekend though

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