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Hi I'm thinking off doing lipotrim again but I dont know anyone whose lost the weight and kept it off is there anyone out there?? I lost 4 stone in 3 months in 2009 but put it all bk on and a lot more besides! Is it a quick fix it's like a famine feast diet!
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Hi debbie... i cant speak personally but i know someone who did amazingly well on it and kept it off....
Ive only known her a year now but when we became close friends she told me that she was 8 stone heavier than she is now and its all thanks to LT. She did it 5 years ago after her daughter was born and lost 7st in 8 months on it then another stone when she re-fed and did a low cal diet. She has kept it all off bar half a stone which creeps on every now and again, but hey, whats half a stone when you have lost 8?? She just does slim fast every now and again to keep that half stone at bay!!
They say if you can maintain for a year after your loss you wont put it back on.
Thats what im most afraid off, putting it back on but im determined now to. Habits have to change for life!!!!

i did LT 3and a half years ago i maintained for a year then went on an all inc holiday and put on 1/2 stone then xmas another 1/2 stone all in all since 2008 iv put on just under a stone and half but it was totally my fault over indulging on holiday and at xmas i think if you eat sensibly its very do'able to maintain :D
I just can't seem to keep the weight off I lost a total off 91/2 stone 5 1/2 with sw and the rest with lipotrim! But as soon as I came off lipotrim I became totally depressed and lost without the comfort zone off the shakes! And my eating went totally out off control taking me to where I am now 17 mnths later putting bk on 9 stone! Which just wont shift with normal healthy eating I just feel like lipotrims changed my metabolism! And dont know whether to do it again!
Hi I'm thinking off doing lipotrim again but I dont know anyone whose lost the weight and kept it off is there anyone out there?? I lost 4 stone in 3 months in 2009 but put it all bk on and a lot more besides! Is it a quick fix it's like a famine feast diet!
Debbie, go check out the ladies on the maintenance forum......they've done, and continue to do, brilliantly! Personally I gave up LT in November and have continued to lose weight, I'll consider myself successful when I, too, have kept it off for a year.......
I did Lipotrim with a friend 2 yrs ago, I gained all the weight back and my friend didn't!!

I am determined this time I will keep it off

I think you have to keep motivated, thats what my friend says , she also keeps a photo of herself as a larger lady stuck to the door of the fridge

Good luck


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Yep we are few & far between but we are certainly around! Hop over to the maintainence section that's where we hide out :giggle:
hi all, newby here. Just picked up my first weeks supply of tfr , desperate measures required as my eating has gone crazy since my son was born 3 years ago!. I really hope this is doable ! I've just tried a choc shake which was pretty grim.
have you tried blending with ice its very nice and there very nice hot too!
Hi Debbie
-I lost 22lbs with LT last year and found it hard to gain much weight, I came off it for my wedding/honeymoon with another 14lbs to lose,although I got to 9 and a half stone so felt good. I did put 9lbs back on in the 4 mnths since but I think that was because of the sheer amount of eating and partying we did. I'm still a whole dress size down from what I was before LT. before LT my eating was psychological-If I was stressed or sad I'd eat loads, the weight I've put on since hasn't in any way been down to using food for comfort so I feel I've broke that cycle. I think thats the part thats up to us-Lipotrim is a quick fix but it can be a kickstart to a change, a change that only we can make. Good Luck xxx
Hi I did LT last year and lost 1st 9lbs which took me to my ideal weight of 9st. I managed to keep it off for quite a while by healthy eating. I found the key was to watch what I ate sun to fri and then had my treats sat night. I even lost a couple of pounds extra. The only reason I gained the weight again is that i stopped being sensible which is my own fault. I went back to binging and then gradually ended up eating rubbish everyday. You have to think of lipotrim as being the beginning of the rest of your life. Once you come off you cant go back to the way you were, you have to change the way you think of food forever!! Like others have said check out the maintenance section as there are plenty that have been successful.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
No diet should be just a diet, you have to change your eating habits forever! :D

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Keeping the weight off is a challenge no matter what plan you follow to lose it initially. Whether it is a TFR plan or a healthy eating plan will make little difference if you think you can go back to old habits once you reach goal.
I lost 89 lbs on TFR and then moved to GL a year ago to maintain that loss and lose a bit more. I lost another 39 lbs since then. Maintaining is a delicate balance of being careful most of the time and enjoying food too.
If you do tfr again then use your time on it to seriously think about your relationship with food. When, why and what you eat??? These are the questions we all must ask ourselves. lots of luck.