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success stories

Hi there, not sure if this is the right place but here goes. im finishing management and doing ok. I've been reading the refreshers forum on this and another website and it got me worrying and wondering. We all now that food and weight are hard to manage (thats why we are here in the first place!).......how often does this diet work in the long term ie more than two years after finishing.
Any long term folks want to share their tips for success? Give me back a bit of confidence that i can do this? Cheers
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Hi Snowmum! :)

Well done on completing RTM!! :bliss:

I cannot give you a long term success story, but I am now about 8 weeks post completing RTM myself, and I have maintained. I tend to go up and down about 1-2 pounds on either side of my goal.

I can tell you though, I work with a women who is 5 years post RTM, and she is slim and gorgeous and has been every month of every year.

It can work. It may be a small percentage that succeed for life - but hey - why can;t we be that percentage? All of us?? We can! :)

You will do it - trust and believe inyourself, expect mistakes and be willing to correct them straight away. You'll do i!! :)


LighterLife Returner

Its my last day of RTM today!!!! Hooray!!

I'm resolving to make a go of maintaining my healthy weight. I have also accepted that I may need to work harder at it than other people, so I won't be disheartened if it looks like other people are doing it easier than me... I'm blessed in other ways...

Anyway, I know this isn't what you asked for, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you, as I'm in a similar position. - I'm nervous, but determined. :) I agreed with what BL has said.

All the best!!!
Hey Snowmum

Don't worry - easier said than done - I worry too. I'm sure everyone who successfully loses their weight says they are determined to keep it off and has no intention of slipping back.
However, by the nature of human beings, the people who really do manage it are not so likely to keep coming back for support. Also, the people who do come back rarely let things get as out of control as they were originally. I've met people who have maintained successfully for years. It obviously isn't easy, there's no quick fix, but as Guy says YOU are the only person who can control it for good or bad.
When it gets hard, just remember the simple things which are so much better and make you smile. Like BL and I did when we bumped into each other on the train today, sat across the aisle from each other, with space for people to walk past. We were grinning from :8855:to:8855:


LighterLife Returner
Hi SnowMum,

At my last meeting, I asked a fellow LL'er who had finished nearly a year ago. They are still maintaining, and are doing well.

i know its not 2 years worth of maintainance, but I think a year is still pretty good :)

It inspired me at least...
ta everyone some good replies and lots of optimsm plus some real sucesses . im keeping on with the hard work! x