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SuePat10's Food Diary


I am one of the 63336
Wednesday 25th FEb

I'm hoping that by going 'public' I may start to do better.

(Home) HiFi bar
(Morrisons) 2 slices thin brown toast & spread - est 11 syns & Muller Light

Small Ham Salad
HiFi Bar

Muller Light

Liver, Bacon, Mushrooms, Veg.

Skimmed milk in drinks

If hungry later will have fruit or yoghurt
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I am one of the 63336
Thursday 26th Feb

Well, I stuck to the plan yesterday which was a relief!

I've had a banana so far today but will have a bacon sandwich in a bit (2 slices wholemeal bread from small loaf, bacon, no spread).

Well, that turned in to FOUR slices of bread, bacon and no spread. So, yet again, both HeBs gone at breakfast.

Not sure what to have for the rest of the day. Tempted to just make up a big salad and dip into it throughout the day. AF has arrived and is a real b***h these days plus a busy day from 5pm onwards.
Will amend this as the day goes on

Right, had a banana and a Muller Light. I've had 2 cups of coffee. Next time I make one I'm going to measure my milk to check I'm not going over my HeA amount in a day. I use 75 ml milk in each coffee so must be careful.

Free food: Bacon, banana x 2, cucumber, Muller Light x 4, ham, salad
HeA: Milk - both HeAs - (used 450 of 700 allowance in coffee, rest in a bedtime drink)
HeB: Both used on wholemeal bread (small loaf)
Syns: Muller Light Choc & cherry 2 syns, Mint HiFi 6 syns Total 8 syns
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I am one of the 63336
Friday 27th Feb

Free food salad, egg, bacon
HeA Milk
HeB 2 Alpen Light, Hi Fi mint bar
Syns chocolate buttons 17 syns. Over the recommended 10-15syns but that makes 34 syns over 3 days or approx 11 syns a day.

OK, now had a Fudge Alpen Light - 3 syns. Total 37 syns in 3 days which averages just under 13 per day so happy.
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I am one of the 63336
I AM going to do a good 4th day! (EE today)

Free food - bacon, more bacon!, egg, SW chips, bowl of salad to graze on while working late tonight
HeA milk - measured a HeA in to a jug so I know I'm not going over.
He B - Weetabix
Syns - 2 slices Warbuton's seeded bread 13 syns. 2 syns for oil in case it was fried this time. Isn't normally but best to be on the safe side!
Also had half a tube of Smarties which is about 5 syns.

That makes 57 syns over 4 days which is an average of 14.25syns a day so still on plan - just!!!
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I am one of the 63336
Sunday 1st March

Free gammon (joint), salad
He A measured milk
He B 2 Alpen Light, Weetabix
Syns Morrisons value milk chocolate digestive 3.5syns.

OK, got an upset stomach (think I had an egg that wasn't cooked fully last night) so not having anything else today.
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I am one of the 63336
Monday 2nd March

Free Muller Light x 2, blackberries, sweet potato
He A Skimmed Milk
He B HiFi Mint, HiFi lemon
Syns - 2 slices thin brown bread buttered - est 12 syns. 2 small squares chocolate.3 syns total - 15 syns

Up to now was 78.5 syns BUT had another Alpen Light and 26!!! syns of Green and Black choc. Total of 104.5 syns or an average of just over 17 syns a day. This allows me 0.5 syns tomorrow!!
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you're doing well - I love green days beause on red you can't have pasta (which i eat looads of), potatoes, beans and cous cous so I tend to graze on plain cooked pasta shapes, my HE(a) is either 350ml skim milk or 3 x Babybel Light - HE(b) is 4 x Ryvita plus that again or a packet of Ryvita Minis. I also do a huge bowl of 'Tesco' stir fty, not the bamboo shoot version but the one with brocolli, cabbage and carrot in it- all mixed up in a bowl with fromais frais and it's lovely - I love making the syn free lemon meringues. Oh, and good old Muller, Weight Watcher Prune flavour and 'Feel Fuller For Longer' yoghurts.


I am one of the 63336
Wednesday 4 March

Free Muller Light, potato, veg
He A Milk, cheese
He B Hi Fi bar x 2
Syns 2 slices brown bread thin toasted & spread 12 syns. Hmmm, 2 petit pains & Flora light. I reckon I've had around 30 syns today so tomorrow I'm not going to have any.
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I am one of the 63336
Back on track!

Saturday 7 March - EE Day

Free Jacket potato, Joe's sausages, bacon, egg, 2 x Muller Light, Blueberries
He A Milk in drinks
He B Mint HiFi
Syns 3.5syns butter on potato, 6 syns HiFi bar = 9.5syns
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I am one of the 63336
Thursday 12th March - Definitely back on track!!

Free food Muller Light for breakfast
He A
He B HiFi bar for breakfast

Well, it's 11.30am and I've already screwed up BIG time. I'm so c**p at this!
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I am one of the 63336
Friday 13th March 2009

Free food Muller Light, blackberries, Muller Light
HeA Milk
HeB HiFi bar & another HiFi bar!!
Syns Chocolate buttons - slightly over at 17.5syns but I'll settle for that
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