suffering food torture!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i'm having the night from hell. my boyfriend popped over to the shop about an hour ago and since then has sat infront of me munching his way through a 6 pack of cupcakes and is currently devouring a box of maltesers!!!!!!!!!!

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???? i've caved in and ate 2 whole maltesers!!! wonder what syns that is! lol

anyone else have thoughtless gits for partners?
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2 maltesers 1 syn and i have to watch oh and kids eat junk all the time grrrrrr and the little girl she takes a bit then tries to feed me the rest :(


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i'm very lucky that I live with 1 friend and we are both doing slimming world together. We do have goodies in the house, but because we're both doing the plan we share our portioned out nice things together, rather than one of us sitting there stuffing our faces while the other watches, or worse, both stuffing faces!


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Sometimes my hubbie eats naughty things infront of me, and it isn't easy because you do then feel like you're missing out on something as well as the fact that you feel that you're not being fully supported (mine is supportive most of the time!). What I'm trying to do however is take full responsibility over my own weight loss and learning that there will always be people indulging in the naughty stuff all around me! The trick is to look beyond that and let them carry on in the knowledge that I'm going to get to my goal! It's easy to think of chocolate/cake/crisps/alcohol as treats, but they're not really, they're our bodies' worst enemy and the real treats are all the yummy nutritious meals that we can cook up using all the good things! Whilst he's tucking into the Maltesers, why not have a SW Hifi bar or something else sweet that's free or from your HEX allowance! Or if you can afford them in your syns, have 10 Maltesers(=5 syns), enjoy them and move on! Keep remembering why you're doing this and that what other people are doing are insignificant in your journey to success! Easier said than done I know, but try and think like that!X
Why watch? No-one is making you watch.

Do something else. Read a book or a magazine, leave the room, go out, just do something else.


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My OH is slim and eats chocolate, crisps and cakes regularly so I've just had to learn to deal with it. It wouldn't work to ask him to stop, he's not on a diet and eats healthily most of the time. I think I had to learn to accept that I can't have lots of these things when he has them, he's not being unsupportive by eating them, he's just being himself.


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To be honest, I would have to have a word. I know he has the right to eat what he wants, but should also be supportive to you where possible.

I would ask him kindly if he wouldn't mind being really helpful and supportive and keeping these instances away from you.

Have you ever thought that maybe he is subconciously trying to sabotage your weight loss- maybe he feels insecure at how attractive you are becoming? Maybe some reassurance will help?



rainbows holiday buddy :)
i'm ok about it most of the time, but i had my dinner at 4pm as had to go to a meeting for work. then i got home at was 9pm and i'd had all my allowances for the day....which i was a bit miffed about cos if i'd have known i would have saved some syns for a cupcake! i wasn't hungry i just wanted to eat what he had cos it was there!

...i think he's a secret feeder!


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My OH does that all the time. Though with him it's normally things like After Eights or other minty chocolate things, which I (thankfully) detest!

I tend to give myself a manicure or pedicure to get my own back - he hates the smell of nail varnish remover!! That said, I don't let it bother me any more - I know why I'm eating healthily and SO want to see the results from my hard work. If he wants to be a bloater then I let him get on with it!

I did have the last laugh yesterday though, after he came home from a check up at the dentist with a new filling and a telling off for eating so many sweet things!!! :D


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I am the same as eternity. My bf eats chocolate and crisps and is annoyingly skinny. However he is supportive of what I am doing (most of the time) and knows to put his junk in a seperate cupboard away from me!:D


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My bf will eat all sorts in front of me and yes it is annoying, especially when he wants to hug me and eat so i can smell the chocolate or crisps. We don't live together though. So don't have to put up with it every day

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Just the end of the are loosing the weight, he will be gaining it especially if he's putting away 6 cupcakes and maltesers!


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I have 3 kids running around with something tempting all the time and cook curries almost every day for my husband, so it is not easy, but it's the motivation to get to target that keeps me going.
I try to have the Alpen Lights, fruit, water bottle and/or pack of Quavers to save me :)


rainbows holiday buddy :)
Just the end of the are loosing the weight, he will be gaining it especially if he's putting away 6 cupcakes and maltesers!

lucky for him he's a bottomless pit! he doesn't gain weight. he was 11 stone 5 years ago and he's still 11 stone now! GRRRR!!!!

last night he ate 4 chocolate eclairs!!!